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feature CONTRACTOR MANAGING GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 'A' Rated VIII Surety Bond Program CMGIA offers an A.M. Best A VIII small to midsize contractors surety bonding program for small and growing contractors. The program was designed for contractors who are new to the surety process and are being required to provide an obligee with performance and payment bonds; as well as contractors that don't t traditional surety bonding programs. With our expert team of underwriters and staff we have everything you and your clients need to get a bond or start a bonding program. 866.363.2642 What's a Construction Company's Most Valuable asset? Contractor Managing General Insurance Agency, Inc. For clients with smaller limited bonding needs our Fast Track credit based surety program has bond limits of $500,000 single and $500,000 aggregate with a simple 2 page application. For your clients with larger bonding requirements we have our standard surety submission package with limits up to $3,000,000 single $3,000,000 aggregate available for qualied contractors. Call Toll-Free: 866.363.2642 | 20335 Ventura Blvd., Suite 426, Woodland Hills, California 91364 699357_Contractor.indd 1 7/17/14 Contract Surety Commercial Surety Fidelity Bonds 694661_Selective.indd 1 20/05/14 The Creativity, Flexibility, and Service You Deserve From a Surety Partner PEOPlE dIFFERENTIATE A company and make it best in class. The construction industry has been hit very hard over the last seven years. BY GORDON S. ROBBIE Once attractive for career-minded individuals, the industry has become very unattractive. And yet, the number one tool available to contractors to help them thrive in today's business environment is to 6:39 PM recruit and develop the right people. Most construction companies do a terrible job of hiring, training and cultivating the leaders who will assure the continuity of their businesses. Companies that don't do this only become weaker. Why do companies lose their focus on people? Most closely-held construction companies are just concentrating on getting and completing work, so they don't spend time dealing with other matters. Many owners don't seem to have a high regard for most of the people who work for them. Consultants frequently ask their construction clients, "What will happen to this company when you are no longer here?" and all too often get back comments like, "I really don't know; no one in the company can do what I do." The consultant needs to counter with, "Have you ever really given them a 1:37 AM chance to show you what they can do?" Most of the time, owners are unable to give a straight answer, which is telling that they have never given it a fair chance. If contractors don't see investing in their people as the company's future, they are making a major mistake, especially in these times. Alert to surety agents and underwriters Most sureties want to bond strong, well-run construction companies, continued on page 38 1-800-440-5953 24 surety 692336_Granite.indd 1 BoNd Quarterly | WINTER 2014 5/4/14 7:44 AM

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From the CEO: Education is everywhere and in everything we do
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Surety Up North
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EJCDC’s New P3 Document
The Top 10 Things Public Owners Should Know About Surety Bonds
What's a Construction Company's Most Valuable Asset?
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Surety Bond Quarterly - Winter 2014