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Feature New NASBP RESOURCE Informational map of advocacy issues NASBP has pursued on behalf of members and the industry NASBP HAS LAUNCHED an interactive map that houses more than 130 comment letters written by NASBP over the past eight years, a period marking a greater emphasis on issue advocacy by NASBP. These letters were written either at the urging of members or in response to specific issues or pieces of legislation or regulations that affected the surety industry. The comment letters are organized by state and are available as PDFs for information and reference. This map contains letters NASBP has catalogued currently. Of course, those matters addressed by NASBP via emails, phone conversations, or by other means are not reflected. Also, letters written by NASBP for use in local advocacy efforts where attribution is given to a local member are not reflected. Below is a small sampling of the variety of letters NASBP has sent over the past eight years. * Some states have required more letters than others; currently California surety concerns have raised more letters than any other state. Below are the other states with the most NASBP comment letters: º California (17) º Maryland (10) º Florida (8) * The majority of state letters have been sent on problematic countersignature requirements; below is a sampling of some of the other major issues NASBP frequently comments on: º Countersignature (19) º Bond Forms (18) º Bond Waiver (8) º Contract Requirements (8) º Bond Threshold Increases (6) º Warranties (6) * Out of the 130 letters sent, 29 have been sent regarding federal issues. NASBP most frequently deals with the following issues at the federal level: º Individual Sureties (8) º Small and Emerging Businesses (5) º Bond Forms (4) Please take some time to explore the map and begin to use it as a reference when you encounter similar issues in your own state. This map is available only to NASBP members, affiliates, and associates at state/infomaps. As NASBP continues to issue comment letters, NASBP will periodically update the map. For more information, please contact Shannon Crawford, Manager of State Relations at 202-464-1170 or  ● Blair Business Systems Serving Sureties and Agencies since 1997 A customized software package designed to meet the needs of both Sureties and Agencies while improving service and reducing costs Don't buy out of the box, one size ts all - why not have a CUSTOM system! Contact: Frank Moser at or 610-527-4817 Contact us : Toll Free (US & Canada) : 1-866-467-1847 Email : Website : 706528_Blair.indd 1 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SURETY BOND PRODUCERS | WWW.NASBP.ORG 29 PM 8/14/14 5:17 PM 716562_Xenex.indd 1 10/15/14 8:17 http://WWW.NASBP.ORG

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NASBP Upcoming Meetings
2014-2015 NASBP Executive Committee
From the CEO: Education is everywhere and in everything we do
Practical Insights: What You Need to Know-Lease Accounting, A new standard is coming
Surety Up North
Training the Next Generation of Surety Talent
EJCDC’s New P3 Document
The Top 10 Things Public Owners Should Know About Surety Bonds
What's a Construction Company's Most Valuable Asset?
NASBP Virtual Seminars
School’s Back!
New NASBP Resource: Information map of advocacy issues
Meetings in Photos
The Importance of Cracking the “WIP” Monthly
U.S. Customs and Border Protection to Deploy eBond
NASBP Outreach Continues Throughout the Year
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Surety Bond Quarterly - Winter 2014