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feature NasBP outreach continues throughout the year A D outcomes were realized through educating federal government legislators; entering memoranda of understandings for mutual assistance with new stakeholders, such as the Native American Contractors Association (NACA); organizing local B E surety association (LSA) programs, such as the New England Surety Symposium organized by the Surety Association of Massachusetts; and participating in programs that analyze the industry's claims process, such as the Pearlman 2014 conference. ● C F G A. From left, Kevin Allis of NACA and Mark McCallum of NASBP signed a MOU. B. From left, Larry LeClair of NASBP with Government Relations staff of NACA, Chelsea Wilson and Dennis Worden. C. NASBP President Tom Padilla, center, participated in a panel discussion held during the Pearlman 2014 with Mike Kennedy, right, General Counsel of the Associated General Contractors of America. D. From left, Allissa Descouteaux and Michael P. Bond, both of Zurich Surety, participated in the New England Surety Symposium. E. NASBP Member Mike Regan helped organize and introduce presenters at the New England Surety Symposium. F. NASBP Member Phil Forker participated in presentation at the Pearlman 2014. G. NASBP Affiliate Rick Levesque of The Hartford and Chairman of the Pearlman Association organized the Pearlman 2014. 36 surety BoNd Quarterly | WINTER 2014 PHoToS of PEaRLMaN 2014 CoNfERENCE oN PagE CoURTESy of PHIL foRkER. PHoToS of THE NEw england surety syMposiuM courtesy of Mike regan froM nasBp MeMBer firM regan cleary INSURaNCE LLC, BoSToN, MaSS. NASBP CONdUCTS OUTREACh throughout the year, translating surety from an abstract concept to a concrete principle benefiting many. This fall, the ready engagement of many NASBP volunteers and dedicated NASBP staff ensured that surety-positive

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NASBP Upcoming Meetings
2014-2015 NASBP Executive Committee
From the CEO: Education is everywhere and in everything we do
Practical Insights: What You Need to Know-Lease Accounting, A new standard is coming
Surety Up North
Training the Next Generation of Surety Talent
EJCDC’s New P3 Document
The Top 10 Things Public Owners Should Know About Surety Bonds
What's a Construction Company's Most Valuable Asset?
NASBP Virtual Seminars
School’s Back!
New NASBP Resource: Information map of advocacy issues
Meetings in Photos
The Importance of Cracking the “WIP” Monthly
U.S. Customs and Border Protection to Deploy eBond
NASBP Outreach Continues Throughout the Year
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Surety Bond Quarterly - Winter 2014