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feature Mining the Value of the NasBP memBer Network Experienced and new producers can reap rewards from the Association's membership network. A lAST-MINUTE BId bond misrouted by a courier can be a heart stopper for a client. When a producer doesn't have an office in the same town where that client is working, it's even more distressing. Fortunately, when the paperwork Susan Hecker's customer needed didn't arrive as planned, she knew just where to turn. "I went onto NASBP's database and searched Austin, Texas, where the client was located," recalled Hecker, Executive Vice President and National Director of Contract Surety at Arthur J. Gallagher and Company in San Francisco, and President of NASBP. Not only did Hecker quickly find four potential partners in Austin who might be able to help, but also, as she said, "I was able to see the locations of those agencies compared to where our customer's office was." The NASBP database also showed her which of those shops were likely to represent the same sureties Gallagher used for its own customers. one phone call to USI Southwest in Austin put everything in order. The agency agreed, as a favor to a fellow NASBP Member, to execute Hecker's bid bond and prepare it for the customer to pick up, all in less than 30 minutes. I CAN GO ONlINE, OBTAIN CONTACT INFORMATION OF SURETY PROFESSIONAlS IN ThE AREA ANd TAlK WITh ThEM. Helping Clients Enter A New Geographic Market Many surety agents support customers who don't focus solely on a small area. The NASBP network enables a bond producer to provide clients guidance in addition to supplying a bid or performance and payment bond. "We might typically have contractors that are local, but everyone has contractors who either perform or supply work in other states or territories," said Todd Loehnert, President of L A Surety Solutions in Louisville, KY, and Chair of NASBP's Membership Committee. one of his customers, a stadium seating contractor specializing in educational facilities, has executed jobs from California to Florida. Each region has its own nuances, and the power of the NASBP Member network gives Loehnert all the information he needs when a wide-reaching customer enters a new market. "I can go online, obtain contact information of surety professionals in the area and talk with them," he said. Producers familiar with the region are available to answer questions that may range from what the bond forms look like to who is known to be slow-paying. Loehnert added that the NASBP network is a free, vast knowledge base that doesn't just benefit NASBP producer Members, but their clients and NASBP Affiliates and Associates, as well. ThE ABIlITY TO REACh OUT ThROUGh NASBP'S NETWORK OFFERS OUR AGENCY AN OPPORTUNITY TO ExTENd OUR RElATIONShIPS BEYONd OUR lOCAl BONd COMMUNITY FOR ThE BENEFIT OF OUR CONTRACTOR CUSTOMERS. 30 surety BoNd Quarterly | WINTER 2015 Familiarizing Clients With A New Employer The NASBP Member network is a time-saving and effective resource for

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Surety Bond Quarterly - Winter 2015