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feature aPPlied eduCatioN NASBP Surety School provides tools to use every day. VISIT ThE OFFICE of Sean Cunningham, professional associate at ACE Surety in Philadelphia, and you'll see the binder that he received at NASBP's Level II Surety School sitting on his desk. "I refer to it at least five times a week, refreshing myself on what I learned there," he said. "We covered all the fundamentals about the work in process, starting from scratch." NASBP's William J. Angell Surety School offers that kind of practical, immediately applicable knowledge to people in the surety industry twice a year. Graduates of the Level I and Level II classes shared their views. I ESPECIAllY APPRECIATEd ThE INSTRUCTOR dYNAMIC, WITh ONE FROM A SURETY ANd ONE A PROdUCER. 32 Level I - Gaining The Big Perspective Level I classes cover the fundamentals-a valuable experience for people who are new to the industry. Lorne Brooks, account executive with Harding Brooks Associates LLC in Vestal, NY, said the class was a critical tool in establishing the base of his surety career. "I would be light years behind if I had not taken Level I," he said. "Before the class I did only a very small amount of surety processing, mostly on the contract side; I had no real exposure to the commercial side." Brooks admitted he had wanted to go straight to Level II classes but was glad that instructors persuaded him to start with Level I. "This class really gets your feet underneath you," he said. "The most important piece that I got out of it was how to analyze the balance sheet, to really look at a prospective account, and how to surety BoNd Quarterly | WINTER 2015 I WOUld BE lIGhT YEARS BEhINd IF I hAd NOT TAKEN lEVEl I. underwrite it. We learned how to get our arms around what they do, what they are projecting, and whether they are growing or shrinking. It's helped with digging into the numbers and knowing enough of what you're doing to be able to give an opinion," he added. The length of the class-three full days-was perfect for newcomers to the industry, Brooks said. For Nolen Bevill, underwriting operations analyst at Lexon Surety Group in Mt. Juliet, TN, the Level I Surety School provided an understanding of the surety industry beyond her own role as underwriter. "other professionals-the producers, the agents, the claims

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