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2012 SCAPA Quality Pavement Award Recipients Project: I-26 OGFC Replacement Contractor: Banks Construction Company Owner: SCDOT, District 6, Dorchester Construction RCE—Behling Guess and DCE—Tim Henderson Summary: The OGFC along Eastbound and Westbound portion of I-26 in Berkeley and Dorchester Counties was in need of replacement due to excessive wear and raveling. The existing OGFC was micro-milled and paved with very little disruption to the traveling public. Banks Construction Company placed 39,104 tons of new OGFC over the 16.58-mile project. The mix was produced with very few issues, and the attention to detail during placement operations produced a quality product for SCDOT. The overall ride quality results exceeded the expectations and received a ride incentive over 99.5 percent of the entire project. Teamwork and positive work attitude between the SCDOT and Banks Construction Company were instrumental in receiving this SCAPA Quality Pavement Award. 14 Project: US-123 Resurfacing Contractor: King Asphalt Inc. Owner: SCDOT, District 3, Oconee Construction RCE—Ryan Miller and DCE—Stephanie Amell-Jackson Summary: The stretch of US 123 between Clemson and Seneca is a very heavily traveled stretch of roadway that was in need of more structure to carry approximately 20,000 ADT, with up to 25% trucks. The project consisted of milling, widening, and adding structural and riding lifts of asphalt mix. Attention to detail from the start was demonstrated by King Asphalt, Inc., using the latest technology in the milling and placement operations that produced a quality pavement that received between 100 and 105% ride quality results. The mix was produced with very few issues at the asphalt plant, and the finished product is something to be proud of for all who were involved, and it deserves special recognition for this SCAPA Quality Pavement Award. Project: SC-39 Rehabilitation and Resurfacing Contractor: Satterfield Construction Company, Inc. Owner: SCDOT, District 7, Aiken County RCE—Jeff Terry and DCE—Jim Porth Summary: The 7.2-mile stretch of SC-39 between I-20 and the town of Wagener, SC was awarded to Satterfield Construction Company, Inc. This particular section of roadway exhibited major pavement distress and was a perfect candidate for 8 feet of Cement Modified Base for rehabilitation and asphalt resurfacing. Satterfield hired out the rehabilitation to Sanders Brothers and later resurfaced the road with two new lifts of asphalt. The attention to detail during placement operations using a shoulder wedge on both edges of the asphalt pavement produced a very good-looking longitudinal joint throughout the entire project. The quality of mix produced and the finished product deserves special recognition for a 2012 SCAPA Quality Pavement Award.

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