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Federal Highway Administration Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) South Carolina Division Strom Thurmond Federal Building 1835 Assembly St., Suite 1270 Columbia, SC 29201 Phone: (803) 765-5411 Fax: (803) 253-3989 Bob Lee Division Administrator 253-3908 Rickele Gennie Operations Engineer 253-3295 Bob Thomas Assistant Division Administrator 765-5282 Jessica Hekter Community Planner/Realty Manager 765-5458 Shane Belcher Environmental Coordinator 253-3187 Dan Hinton Safety and Traffic Operations Engineer 253-3887 Lou Burch Management Analyst 253-3886 Steve Ikerd Director of Engineering and Operations 253-3885 Wanda Culbertson Assistant Operations Assistant 765-5412 Ken Johnson Structural Engineer 253-3880 Carolyn Fisher Operations Engineer 765-5464 Tad Kitowicz Operations Team Leader 253-3882 Pamela Foster Civil Rights Officer 253-3879 Jeannie Moore Administrative Officer 253-3876 Jim Garling Pavement, Materials, Research and Technology Engineer 253-3883 Yolanda Morris Community Planner 253-3877 52

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SCAPA Executive Committee
SCAPA Board of Directors
SCAPA Directors Emeriti
SCAPA Staff and Legal Counsel
SCAPA Committees and Task Groups
2013 SCAPA Quality Pavement Award Recipients
The Economic Impact of the SC Asphalt Industry
Events in 2013–2014
Upcoming Events
Membership Application
Contractor Members
Major Associate Members
Associate Members
South Carolina Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Aviation Administration, Southern Region
Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southern Division
Congressional Delegation
Civil Engineering Faculties
Technical College Engineering/Certification Programs
SCAPA Bylaws
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South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association - 2014 Membership Directory