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TECHNoloGY COrNEr new Tech Tools That Will Change Meetings Technology is changing a mile a millisecond these days. So it's important to stay on top of what tools are impacting the meetings industry and what's on the horizon in years to come. i recently talked to Jim Spellos, president at Meeting U and a speaker at the upcoming SgMP nec in San Diego, about five of the hottest trends in meetings technology right now and how government meeting planners can introduce those technologies into their events. 1. virTUaL reaLiTY This visual aid technology, with tools like oculus rift or google cardboard, is still in the formative stages, and the myriad of ways in which planners and suppliers can use it to create an interactive experience are still being determined. one example for planners though might be if you don't have the time to tour a city or property in person, you can use this technology to take a virtual site inspection. This technology is meant to augment meetings, not replace the process or the end result, but it's a great way for planners, suppliers and attendees to get more information and experience the community around without actually being there. 2. aUGMenTeD reaLiTY augmented reality is different from virtual reality. it allows your meeting attendees to see things that aren't visible to the naked eye through tools like their own smartphone or google glass. Say that your event has a printed show guide or on-site posters that feature a company logo. you can create a second layer of content where the attendee can be taken to a video about that company's product or property. This creates a whole new level of engagement with your attendees. Believe it or not, this technology is available today, easy to use and costs little (and is sometimes even free). 3. wearaBLe TeCHnoLoGY Smart watches are still in the early stages of adoption, but they are just the start of the wearable technology trend that will become a huge part of our lives. Whether it's a watch, glasses or even our clothing, this technology could be another tool through which meeting planners can send personalized, custom content to attendees that is location and time specific. for planners who struggle with education session evaluations or ce records, this technology could change that by tracking who is in a specific meeting room and automatically sending that person an evaluation immediately after the session ends. 4. arTiFiCiaL inTeLLiGenCe Data, data, everywhere. google, facebook and amazon gather it about their customers to determine their likes and recommend products they may enjoy. Marriott uses it to learn about their guest and provide a better stay. next, meeting planners need to look at how they can use data provided by their attendees to provide the more personalized experience, whether that's by helping them connect with suppliers or colleagues with similar BY SARAH SAIN naylor aSSociaTion SolUTionS goals or promoting a portion of your conference where you know they've shown interest. The more information you have, the better experience you can provide. however, people are becoming more sensitive to how their personal information is being used. Make sure if you use data, that you build trust with your attendees by using the information properly and showing real value. 5. THe MoBiLe/SoCiaL reLaTionSHiP Despite the fact that a majority of the population now use smartphones and social media to stay constantly connected, this is still an undervalued tool for meeting planners. Meeting planners are not just readers of social media content, but you are the creators and curators of this content and can drive the conversation around your organization and event. for planners, make sure to get critical information out quickly. Become a trusted voice in the industry. if people know that you provide quality information, they'll follow you, read your content, share it with others and be more likely to attend your event. James Spellos is president of Meetings U, a company that specializes in helping people become more productive and comfortable with technology. To learn more about what technologies are hot in the meetings industry in 2016, join in the session "Hot Technologies for 2016" at SGMP's National Education Conference, May 17-19 in San Diego. 31

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