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PLAN GREEN Why Create a Sustainable Event? by the 2008 Democratic National Convention Greening Committee ACCORDING TO A 2008 Watkins Research Group survey, which evaluates major convention destinations based on interviews with meeting planners, one out of every three meeting planners has been told by their members to only book events in “green cities” and four out of ten said they would pick the greenest city, if all other things were equal. Governmental agencies are increasingly requesting green practices in events with which they are associated as hosts or funders. In addition, it is likely that government agencies will increasingly incorporate environmental management practices into their facility and park permit requirements. FAST FACTS • Save time and money • Help the environment • Create positive changes beyond the boundaries of the event • Improve the experience of your participants • Position you as a leader SAVE TIME AND MONEY You can take many actions to make your event more sustainable, while also saving time and money. Using online registration services, distributing presentations by USB drive or CD, and limiting paper handouts will save considerable printing costs, not to mention paper and trees. Reusing name badge holders or recycling used exhibit booths at trade shows also enhances your events’ cost effectiveness, while reducing waste. HELP THE ENVIRONMENT The meeting industry is a large consumer of energy and producer of waste, so any effort to reduce, reuse, or recycle materials can have a big impact on the environment. CREATE POSITIVE CHANGES BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF YOUR EVENT By affecting the management and purchasing practices of your event partners and suppliers, you create a ripple effect of change. Offering environmentally responsible options during your event inevitably raises the awareness of your attendees about similar, simple things they can do at home. Through your efforts to communicate about those actions and their value, you can encourage individuals to continue them after the event is over. IMPROVE THE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR PARTICIPANTS Many people are looking for opportunities to improve the health of our planet at their jobs as well as at home. Event attendees often express that sustainable practices, when they are well-organized, enhance rather than detract from the quality of the production, be it a small meeting or a large event. POSITION YOU AS A LEADER Sincere efforts to adopt green practices, even modest ones, enhance relationships with customers and other stakeholders. Many cities, businesses, property owners and consumers are moving in a direction that demonstrates their commitment to environmental sustainability. Clients, promoters, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders are calling for increased environmental responsibility with regard to waste, energy, and cutting back or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions associated with their events. Taking steps to create a more sustainable event or meeting visibly demonstrates your environmental commitment, enhancing your brand and your organization’s image. As new standards and best practices emerge, the early adopters will reap the market advantage of enhanced reputations. The full Sustainable Report can be found at: enver-meetings-conventions/images/ DNCFinalGreeningReport.pdf 9

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