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F E AT U R E Just Because It's Legal Doesn't Make It BY G. JERRY VAN ROSSUM MARYGROVE COLLEGE I Right n the 1990s, I had a T-shirt that bore the slogan, "Just because it's legal doesn't make it right." I must say that there were times I wondered about what that slogan actually meant, but I never really made the connection between this statement and ethics. It just seemed like a cool statement to make. 14 However, when looking at the statement through the lens of professional ethics and the legal system, we can see that my slogan begins to take on a different kind of importance. In their book, "Managing Business Ethics," Linda Trevino and Katherine Nelson argue that there is an overlap between the two realms of GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS | FALL/WINTER 2015 personal behavior. While they overlap, the two areas do not fit precisely on top of each other. So ethics and the law are not identical. Laws compel us to follow established rules. If we choose to ignore them, we will suffer specific consequences. I can choose to ignore the speed limit on a

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President’s Letter
Editor’s Letter
Going Places
It’s Legal. You’re Honest. But Are You Ethical?
Just Because It’s Legal Doesn’t Make It Right
The Ins and Outs of Setting Per Diem
Three Chapters Celebrate 30 Years in 2015
2015 SGMP National Education Conference & Expo
Supplier Strategy
Finances & Budgeting
Meet a Member
CGMP Corner
National Updates
SGMP Nation
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Government Connections - Fall 2015