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PLAN GREEN Tips for Completing Eco-Friendly BETTY S. GILMORE, CGMP MILLENNIUM SERVICES 2000 + INC. W e're all faced with the task of making our meetings as environmentallyfriendly as possible. Most often, the green effects that are the responsibility of the venue to carry out are the easiest to achieve. Ensuring that your host site takes care of the big picture is a "no-brainer." Examples include: * Using eco-friendly cleaning products * Donating leftover food products * Recycling the trash and waste products from your meeting * Shipping goods via ground transport rather than air 10 What about those little things that we all struggle with? Specifically, how do we handle those small pieces that complete our meetings? It may be a harder task to convert our ordering habits to ensure that we are always working with the most environmentally-friendly products when planning meetings, both large and small. Our first task is to institute the standards internally, so that the person responsible for placing your orders understands what your new requirements are. Buzz Words To begin with, make sure that your team understands about or at least knows to look for products described GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS | WINTER 2014 as "post-consumer recycled," "biodegradable," "sustainable," "environmentally-friendly" and "ecofriendly." The last two terms are general in nature and require a bit more research to ensure that the product is really what is says it is. Recycled - This term can actually mean the waste from the first production (the leftover portion) of the product. Think of the excess dough after using the cookie cutter, and how it can be reshaped to make more cookies right away. Post-consumer - This term refers to products that have already been used by the consumer, have been recycled and are being repurposed by you.

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Government Connections - Winter 2014