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BUSINESS TODAY INDUSTRY BY DESIGN BY KURT RIESENBERG Y ou know that feeling you get when you come across something that was designed right? You walk into a building or home and think, "This just feels right." Apple product users get the same experience benefitting from the intense design that goes into the company's cross-platform products, which has built their cult-like following and loyal customer base. Think about everything around you and you see design. Dyson made better vacuum cleaners with better design. Internet and email cloud systems work better and have more paying customers when they are designed well to work with popular software. You can watch movies on all your devices in any room of your house because the system was designed to deliver that experience. Every day you plug your phone charger, desk lamp and your coffee pot into the same type of outlet at home or in the office (or anywhere) and get reliable, consistent electricity thanks to designed infrastructure. There's a lightweight plastic product that has great insulation and durability and can conform to any shape and save tons of energy and money. A product that requires specialized equipment and employs thousands of professionals bringing the highest of high-tech chemistry and building science to homes, buildings and businesses across the country and increasingly across the world. All of these and many more examples didn't come into being by accident, they are the result of design. Ironically the masters of design who are credited with producing some lasting product or impactful social program are erroneously called the "architects" of success. If we want to find or maintain success in this rapidly changing industry we must take the time to sit and dream." 14 SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL | Spring 2015 Architects typically take the empty or abstract and give it form. Designers, however, work within the practical space they have to construct and deploy success. Design sounds space-station complicated sometimes. Or maybe it sounds a little foofy, like something that can only be done in mahogany-lined offices by specialty staff on "designer" drafting tables. But really it's just planning ahead and solving problems - something deceptively hard in its own right with the pace and burdens of business today. If we want to find or maintain success in this rapidly changing industry we must take the time to sit and dream. We have to envision a world in demand of our product and know why. We need to take what we know of our markets, the product, popular culture, engineering, building science, customer interests and fears, our own capabilities and product capabilities, and assemble that into a strong foundation designed for success. If you are not doing this on a regular basis you are looking for trouble. If you have spent some time focusing upon the design of your business you will likely have positioned important elements elsewhere within the company that will help you ride out a rough spot or jump on unexpected opportunities. Or better yet, a failure looked upon by a culture of open eyes could result in the next innovative transformation of your business. This happened in 2000 (seven years before the first iPhone) when Apple introduced the Cube - a monumental failure but one that taught them everything they used to create the curved plastics, materials and touch sensors that made them industry-leaders today. As you read this SPFA will be hosting its 2015 Sprayfoam Convention & Expo in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our own designs for success will be on display in everything available at the show,

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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Spring 2015