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LEGISLATIVE UPDATE THE BRIGHTUP WRITE-UP... BRINGING THE BELTWAY TO YOU BY CRAIG BRIGHTUP, THE BRIGHTUP GROUP LLC TURBULENCE COMING ON IMMIGRATION AND REGULATIONS C onventional wisdom in Washington had it that the lame duck session of the 113th Congress was going to work fairly smoothly on crafting an extension of the Continuing Resolution (CR) that kept the government running until Dec. 11, and a tax extenders bill to retroactively renew some 55 tax credits that expired Dec. 31, 2013. Then, on Nov. 20, President Obama issued his long-anticipated "Executive Action" on immigration policy (Immigration Accountability Executive Action) and, as Bette Davis said in All About Eve, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night." Perhaps the most controversial part of the Executive Action is the expansion of deferred action (deferring the threat of deportation) for parents of U.S. citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents who are not enforcement priorities and have been in the country for more than five years. Individuals will have the opportunity to request temporary relief from deportation and obtain work authorization if they come forward and register. This parallels the administration's 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Directive that provides young, illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children temporary relief from deportation and work permits. DACA is also being expanded by the Executive Action, however, it is the enormity of the new deferred action for parents of U.S. citizens and the many legal questions that it raises that has generated turbulence that's spilled over to other issues. For starters, this changes the dynamic in Congress for the CR and other spending bills. Republicans feel the President has overreached his executive branch authority and want to defund the Executive Action without shutting down the entire government. It will be tricky and will require scripted Republican Senate and House moves in the 114th Congress to execute. As such, there might be several spending bills next year which, in turn, could create opportunities to defund other controversial regulations. In November, the Obama Administration released its Fall Regulatory Agenda (as required by statute), and the list of regulations that could harm SPFA members and other employers just keeps getting longer. Proposals from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) alone are cause for serious concern. Obviously, the biggest item on OSHA's agenda is the revised silica standard (Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica) which, if finalized as proposed, would be tremendously disruptive to the construction industry and economy as a whole. Assistant Labor Secretary for OSHA, Dr. David Michaels, has said that the silica rule will be done by the end of the administration's second term (January 2017). However, OSHA might try to push the silica rule out the door by the end of 2015 and it's very important that Congress be prepared to stop the rule sooner rather than later. OSHA is also engaged in several revisions to its recordkeeping and reporting program. First is OSHA's new rule, effective Jan.1, 2015, that changes the reporting requirements for workplace fatalities and hospitalizations. In a surprise to stakeholders, Dr. Michaels indicated in a conference call that all such reports will be posted online. Second is OSHA's proposed rule that would require the electronic submission of injury and illness information, which would be posted online, too. And third is OSHA's previously proposed rule that would add a column to the OSHA 300 Log for recording musculoskeletal (ergonomic) disorders. o Craig Brightup is chief executive officer of The Brightup Group LLC, a government relations firm in Washington, D.C. He has provided services for 18 different organizations since 2009, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Roofing Contractors Association. Perhaps the most controversial part of the Executive Action is the expansion of deferred action (deferring the threat of deportation) for parents of U.S. citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents..." 18 SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL | Spring 2015

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