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TY PENNINGTON WHY I SUPPORT SPF T y Pennington, the Keynote Speaker at Sprayfoam 2015, might have gotten into the construction industry by chance. But, being involved in SPF and supporting its growth is a conscious, specific endeavor he made after first-hand experiences with it during his time on "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition." In this interview conducted by SPFA, find out how he got to where he is, what motivates him, his reasons for supporting spray polyurethane foam and his thoughts on SPF's future. Also, he shares some personal experiences and decisions that have affected his path and his use of SPF. BY TY PENNINGTON Q. How did you get into the construction business? How did that translate to your celebrity business? Have you successfully merged the two in a way that works for you? I've always enjoyed building things. Never really cared what I built as long as I was being creative. Of all of the new technologies and added value materials available today, spray polyurethane foam will singlehandedly bring the greatest overall impact to builders' and homeowners' bottom lines." 20 SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL | Spring 2015 When I was kid growing up in Georgia, I designed and built a threestory tree house with some buddies. It was insane; big, fun, and it became our hide out. That's when I realized I was pretty good at building things with my hands even though I seemed better at demolishing things first. I was the world's worst student due to having undiagnosed ADHD. I saw things in pictures, not words and numbers, so art and building things became my focus and passion - the best way to express myself. I was lucky to fall into a job where me-being-me was an asset instead of a liability (like it was in school). "Trading Spaces" gave me that opportunity of a lifetime, then the MOTHER of all building shows, "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition" came along in 2004. EMHE lasted nine seasons, an eternity for network TV, and was seen all over the world. We built more than 200 homes for deserving families...and hit every state at least once. It was a dream job. I got to help a few hundred families and got to be a part of entire communities mobilizing for the sake of those in need. It was awesome and inspiring. I had a great team of designers and thousands of volunteers. In the process I did what I love to do: build and design with purpose. Q. What are some of your greatest takeaway lessons from your time on "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition"? I learned a tremendous amount about people, construction methods and building materials. The importance and impact of each step in the process stood out to me and made me a better builder and designer. One thing consumers struggle to understand is that all building materials are NOT equal. There are significant differences when you really look at this stuff.

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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Spring 2015