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CPI NEWS ENERGY CODES AND THE BENEFITS OF SPF BY JUSTIN KOSCHER A re we properly modeling the energy efficiency benefits of SPF? In some jurisdictions the answer appears to be, "No!" Residential buildings have grown to be complex puzzles of windows, envelopes, HVAC equipment and more. Architects and home builders must work to optimize each of these systems in order to meet energy code requirements. In many projects, architects and home builders are using compliance software to demonstrate that their designs meet or exceed energy efficiency requirements. Compliance software can be used in projects that feature spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation. In fact, the use of such compliance software is actually required in jurisdictions that do not have prescriptive compliance pathways for the use of SPF insulation. High-performance attic construction is an area that often relies heavily on the use of compliance software. SPF has been used for years to construct unvented attics, which exemplify the benefits of high-performance attics - increased energy efficiency performance of the attic and the home by bringing what may have been leaky, under-insulated ductwork into the conditioned space and, as a result, helping to lower energy bills. However, in most jurisdictions, unvented attics must be constructed as a performance option under the energy code. Therefore, SPF unvented attics may be improperly disqualified if the compliance software inaccurately models the energy performance of SPF. This is the case in California, where the state's Energy Commission is considering including high-performance attics in the next version of the energy code. The SPF industry has identified potential inaccuracies in the compliance software used by California. These Recognizing these apparent inaccuracies, the SPF industry has been hard at work, identifying solutions that will lead to the continued growth of SPF across many applications." inaccuracies were identified by running various models through the compliance software. Inconsistencies were identified by comparing the results of the models with real-world experience. Recognizing these apparent inaccuracies, the SPF industry has been hard at work, identifying solutions that will lead to the continued growth of SPF across many applications. The Spray Foam Coalition and SPFA have contacted the California Energy Commission (CEC) to express concerns over the issue. The industry is working with the CEC to ensure its compliance software provides accurate information and flexibility to the architects and home builders. California, through its building energy code, has been a leader in home and building energy efficiency. It is important that the state serve as a strong example for other jurisdictions. We will continue to advise the SPF industry on progress made regarding the compliance software used in California. o Justin Koscher is the director at the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry. Imagine your business... Efficient, Profitable, and Organized! JobPro will streamline your process in One system: Providing "Best In Class" Software to Insulation Contractors for 8 years! * Generate an accurate and professional proposal * Add photographs to proposals and work orders * Receive an electronic approval from your customer * Assign crews and employees with a common calendar * Detailed job costing tool * Technician page: Inspection check list, mileage, enter actuals, etc. * Create invoices... Integrate with Quickbooks or Peachtree * Access 24/7... use a desktop, laptop, Ipad, smartphone, etc. * And much more! JobPro Technology is making a positive impact with contractors in the U.S., Canada, and the Bahama's. But don't just take our word for it. Here is what one JobPro customer is saying: "We couldn't be happier with the JobPro solution for our business. There is no doubt in my mind, that JobPro is the single most effective software tool our company has ever used and I would recommend it to anyone in our industry." Clint Allen President, Energy One America Please call us at 704.584.4015 or email us at info@jobprotech.com. Visit our website at www.jobprotech.com 726010_JobPro.indd 1 www.sprayfoam.org | SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL 27 AM 12/16/14 5:01 http://www.jobprotech.com http://www.jobprotech.com http://www.sprayfoam.org

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