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SOCIAL MEDIA 10 WAYS YOUR COMPANY CAN USE INSTAGRAM BY KELLY DONOVAN CLARK B y now you have most likely heard of Instagram, the photo- and videosharing app founded in October 2010. Instagram lets users take a mobiledevice photo, apply a digital filter to it, and share it with followers and the Instagram network, much like you can share Tweets on Twitter. By the time Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, the app had 30 million registered users and an average 58 photos uploaded per second. On Thanksgiving Day 2012, more than 200 Thanksgiving-tagged photos were uploaded every second (http:// bit.ly/1vHbsfZ). That's a lot of turkey. In June 2013, the app introduced video capability. You can now share 15-second videos with friends - more than twice the length of Vine videos and the same length as a standard TV commercial. As of December 2014, Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom announced that there are now more than 300 million Instagrammers - which trumps Twitter's numbers. 46 SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL | Spring 2015 How Instragram Works If you're new to Instagram, here are some basics. You can type a caption to describe your photo, but most users keep the text short. Like Twitter, Instagrammers use hashtags to categorize and describe their photos. Tap on a hashtag and you'll go to a grid filled with other photos tagged with that description. Tag other Instagrammers in your images and in comments to tell others who was with you, or to call their attention to an image. The beauty of Instagram is the fun simplicity of sharing images. I like a well-researched, well-written article or book, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. While teenagers and the more narcissistic among us may post a lot of selfies, there are some very talented photographers posting astonishingly beautiful images, and some very connected influencers posting visual information, too. Instagram bridges you with friends, family, celebrities, locations and events that, because of time and geographic constraints, you wouldn't otherwise see and learn about. And since many of us are visual learners, Instagram is a suitable tool to spread information quickly among a large yet targeted audience. Read on if you're wondering how to harness the hipster zeitgeist of camera phone photos for the benefit of your company. 10 WAYS YOUR COMPANY CAN USE INSTAGRAM 1. Contests: Instagram contests are a fun way to engage followers while getting your company's brand out there. Post an image that introduces the concept of your contest and explain the rules in the caption, or type a link to a web page that details the rules. Ask entrants to tag their contest-related photos with a custom hashtag you designate. (Any unbroken string of letters and/or numbers can be a hashtag.) Once the contest deadline has passed, search your designated hashtag to find all entries, choose a winner, and repost ("regram") their image. 2. Insider Information: Especially for large companies, visualizing who runs your company's operations http://www.bit.ly/1vHbsfZ

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