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PRESIDENT'S POST TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS T he arrival of winter weather offers many sprayfoam contractors a respite from what was hopefully a busy and profitable contracting season. It may also bring a perfect opportunity to examine ways we can improve our businesses for the coming year. I get a kick out of calling my local sheet metal fabricator and friend Rich who has his ringtone set to the classic rock tune "Taking Care of Business" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. This tune fits his style since he often works 6-7 days a week. If you're too young to remember the 1973 hit the chorus lyrics are: And I'll be Taking care of business every day Taking care of business every way I've been taking care of business, it's all mine Taking care of business and working overtime I don't know of any really successful sprayfoam contractor business owner that works a 9-to-5 schedule. Contracting is definitely an every day, every way business with overtime often included. Considering the demands of today's workplace requiring substantial amounts of time and energy from us, a winter break doesn't look all that bad. And, if you spend that time wisely, it could mean a more organized, profitable template for your business. Here are some suggestions that have equated to a more successful business for me: Hone Your Administrative and Leadership Skills You first need to love what you do. If you've lost some enthusiasm, now's the time to get recharged and excited about the sprayfoam business! Attend that annual SPFA convention you've been putting off for years. Glean pertinent information from the seminars offered; explore the exhibit hall manned by industry experts displaying their company's latest business and equipment technology; and take advantage of those 8 SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL | Spring 2015 non-stop networking opportunities with fellow contractors to understand what makes them successful. Sharpen your leadership skills by participating on one of many SPFA committees comprised solely of member volunteers. Does your company compliance program need updating? Take advantage of the new Model Written Safety Program just built for both insulation or roofing SPF contractors by the SPFA Safety Committee to provide the basic elements covering most typical workplace activities (see article on page 25). This is a no cost benefit for SPFA members! Take Stock of Your Employee Policies, Training and Benefits Contracted work will never get properly or profitably done without dependable, knowledgeable and trained employees. The problem of finding, let alone retaining, key employees is a universal dilemma. Surveys tell us that employees value many things even more than the amount of money they're paid. Things like respect, fairness, pride, security, personal life and sense of belonging actually rate higher. Conversely, the owner (or boss) is continually on the lookout for loyal and hardworking employees. How about starting with those employees you currently have? It surprises me why some member companies fail to take full advantage of SPFA membership benefits. One of those is the SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP). SPFA offers the only world class sprayfoam certification program established solely for the purpose of identifying and recognizing those in the SPF industry who have fulfilled all the prescribed requirements of education, examination and work experience to demonstrate commitment and professionalism in the sprayfoam industry. Investing your dollars in employee training not only demonstrates that they are highly valued, it helps to facilitate that essential loyalty and commitment critical for a healthy business.

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