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PrEsiDEnt's Post surviving or thriving? SURvivAL: The sTaTe or facT of conTinuing To live or exisT especially in spiTe of difficulT condiTions. ThRivE: a condiTion beyond mere survival, implying growTh and posiTive developmenT. A couple of weeks ago while mowing around some spruce trees, I instinctively hit the brakes when I saw a very large 4-foot garter snake stretched out directly in my path. I know quite a few folks with snake phobia who would have driven right over this poor creature without hesitation. Luckily for the snake, I'm an outdoors kind of guy with the belief that most creatures living outside have their own unique place and benefit to our environment, so should be left in peace. After patiently waiting for the snake to move aside I carried on my task of mowing, eventually circling around for a return pass. Upon approaching the spruce tree where I first encountered the snake I again hit the brakes in amazement with what I was seeing. Incredibly, this snake had slithered 2 feet up the tree to get out of my path! Standing there completely enthralled I snapped this photo. I don't believe for a minute this reptile had any thinking or reasoning capabilities but rather acted from some acquired innate survival instinct animals are born with. However, just the size of it alone indicated it had not only successfully survived for some time but had definitely thrived. Sprayfoam contractors can also find themselves struggling to survive in today's very competitive marketplace, busy dodging many things we'd rather avoid. Wouldn't it be great if all we had to deal with was to win the job, spray the foam, and receive a reasonable profit in return for the hard work? I'll be quick to affirm that spraying foam is hard work and a sprayfoam contractor should expect a fair return since the ultimate goal for any business is to make money, right? But any seasoned contractor would agree that foam projects demand considerably more than simply pulling a trigger on a gun to create foam. Sprayfoam contractors face the daunting task of complying with mandated OSHA and DOT regulations including training and recordkeeping. Add to that mix: marketing; selling in a very competitive market; maintaining sprayfoam related equipment; business insurance; hiring and keeping good laborers, including a capable sprayfoam applicator necessary to ensure every job meets specifications and displays your best work. I think it's safe to say the majority of sprayfoam companies making up our industry are relatively small in size To thrive in business you must be willing to make wise and deliberate changes that will take you beyond "mere survival" and toward "growth and positive development." 8 sprayfoam Professional | Fall 2014 Just the size of this snake alone indicated it had not only successfully survived for some time but had definitely thrived. consisting of 10 or fewer employees and most certainly lacking a budget to specifically hire someone to handle the big tasks like safety compliance and marketing. Is it little wonder that many contractors feel stretched, and struggle to survive being mowed over by everything expected to run a business? Yet, they are doing their best to wear all the required hats at same time, even though they have probably discovered some hats don't fit particularly well. As a member of SPFA, you have tools available that could help with some of those hats, and enable your business to succeed and even thrive.

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SPRAYFOAM Professional - Fall 2014