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State Representative (R-Odessa)
describes it, the Permian Basin helped stymie the
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
(OPEC). It's a feat many wouldn't have thought possible
a decade or two ago, but because of the Permian's
remarkable success, the cartel decided to flood the
oil market to quash U.S. output. Although no producers
escaped completely unscathed from the resultant
price trough, acknowledges the representative
from Odessa, U.S. companies nonetheless have held
their own, thanks largely to the basin that keeps on
giving. "Even amid sustained low crude oil prices,
our production numbers remained steady, much to
OPEC's chagrin," says Landgraf.
Being a native of Odessa and a fifth-generation West-Texas
rancher, Landgraf conveys how having firsthand experience of
managing his family's cattle operation and mineral interests
has offered him personal insight into two of the most important
sectors in the region.
In addition to managing his family's ranching operation in
Odessa, currently Landgraf practices law at Todd, Barron,
Thomason, Hudman & Baxter, P.C.
After earning an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M
University, Landgraf received a law degree from St. Mary's
University School of Law in San Antonio. Following law school,
Landgraf recounts, he returned to West Texas and represented
energy producers and other local businesses while working at
Odessa's Shafer, Davis, O'Leary & Stoker law firm.
Landgraf says that service, beyond his upbringing in West
Texas, really expanded his understanding of the industry that not
only fuels Texas, but also the United States and nations around
the world. "My perspective of the Texas oil and gas industry
is how blessed we are to have an abundance of a commodity
that fuels Texas, America and the world," expresses Landgraf.
"Having been born and raised in the Permian Basin, the cycles
of the oil and gas industry are second nature to me, and that's
taught me to maximize output when times are good, and work
efficiently when times are bad."
In spite of recent market conditions, Landgraf expresses
enthusiasm about the outlook for the U.S. oil and gas industry,
especially in the district he serves. "As prices slowly rise,
the Permian Basin is seeing a positive uptick in permits and
drilling activity‚...The Permian Basin is unquestionably the most


UPSTREAM TEXAS F A L L | W I N T E R 2 0 17-2 0 18

innovative oil and gas producing region in the world, so when
something big happens in the industry, it usually starts in the
Permian Basin," emphasizes Landgraf. Further, he states, "the
recent discovery of the Wolfcamp Shale play and fracturing sand
mining means we will see a very robust economy."
Landgraf observes, though, that with such a surge in
activity, increased demand is expected to be placed on local
infrastructure, which is why he says he has been working with
the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on maintaining
and expanding the roadways within his legislative district.
During the state's 85th session in 2017, Landgraf authored
and shepherded the passage of Senate Bill 1731, known as the
"Texas Fuels" bill, which encourages the use of natural gasbased fuels in state fleet vehicles. Landgraf first introduced
such a bill during the previous session, and continued pushing
the concept this year. "The Texas Fuels bill, from a policy
perspective, is a no-brainer, and that's why I authored the
legislation in 2015, and was thrilled to work to finally pass it
in 2017," he says. "The Texas Fuels bill joins two underutilized
resources in Texas: natural gas and the Texas Emissions
Reduction Plan (TERP) fund. Royalty owners, natural-gas
producers and many other Texans are sitting atop a bountiful
supply of natural gas, but the market for natural-gas based
products is not being developed to its full potential. Similarly,
the TERP fund is leaving more than a billion dollars on the
sidelines, meaning that it's a resource that's not being used
for the benefit of Texas. The Texas Fuels bill will put the
TERP fund to work by converting government-fleet vehicles
to run on natural-gas based fuels, which increases markets
for natural gas, creates more jobs for Texans and also makes
our air cleaner."
When considering the state's next legislative session in
2019, Landgraf suggests property tax reform and school
finance reform will be a key areas of discussion and reform
for lawmakers during the 86 th session. "In my view, we will
never have genuine property-tax reform in Texas unless we
have meaningful school finance reform," Landgraf asserts.
"The state has neglected public education and shifted that
burden onto local school districts, and ultimately, to local
property-tax payers. It is time that the state again step up
to fund public education in such a way that our schools can
improve while providing tax relief to Texas homeowners and
business owners."


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