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V ir ginia Rur al Wa ter A s s o c ia tion's Awar d -W innin g Maga zine Winter 2013/2014 LOCATING PLASTIC PIPE Also Inside * So What Time Is It? * Changing Times * Affordability Index

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Streamline - Winter 2013

From the President
From the Executive Director
Locating Plastic Pipe
Changing Times
Out of Sight Must Not Be Out of Mind!
A Need for Source Water Protection Planning
A Day (or Night) in the Life of a Water Maintenance Employee
Affordability Index
Ergs, Joules and Other Stuff
VDOT Class Photos
Goodbye to Two VRWA Friends
2013-2014 Membership Directory
VRWA Crossword Puzzle
Throwing My Loop: Just a Few Words
eLearning Benefi ts
Membership Application
Do You Know WhatYour VRWA Benefi ts Are?
VRWA Mailbag
Welcome New Members
Training Calendar
Board of Directors
VRWA Committees
Index to Advertisers/

Streamline - Winter 2013