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FromTheExecutiveDirector BY MYRICA W. KEISER, VRWA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Rattling About the Important Things WELL, HERE I am again, digging deep in my so-called brain, trying to come up with a topic for this winter issue of StreamLine. At present, nothing is jumping out at me, so it looks like I may be rattling a little. Sorry! This is the time of year for fall/winter cleaning. It is also the time for you, the operator, to start winterizing the water and wastewater plants. So let's talk conference first: Plans are in full swing for the 27th Annual Conference and Technical Exposition, with hopes to make it bigger and better. Mark your calendars for April 13-15, 2015, at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, Roanoke, Va. New this year will be Game Night. With the cost of the casino games and the lack of attendees last year, we passed on the casino activities. This gave our vendors another opportunity to take out their customers to show their appreciation for their business. Yet, others did not like the down time and wished we had planned an activity to keep them busy. So this year, we are going to try a Game Night - fun only, no prizes, no contest (except of your own), just a time to get together, socialize and have fun. Some of the games we will have will be golf, corn hole, bingo, Wii games, card games, etc. Along with the games will be a keg of beer and light refreshments. We will also use this time to host our Water Taste contest, a time to see who has the best tasting water in the state of Virginia. So come join us. We promise it will be fun. Moving on: By publishing date, we will have attended NRWA's annual conference in Seattle, entered into "hunting" season, celebrated Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and will be getting ready for Christmas. In the midst of all these celebrations was election day. This is one of the few times American citizens really get to voice their opinions. Voting is important because the person who sits or is elected in office represents you. That person is the voice that makes rules and regulations that affect you. It's the same for us here at VRWA. Every January, we head to Richmond on your (our members) behalf. It is the time to meet with our state representatives and keep them informed on what rules and regulations will affect you and your systems. We are a voice for you to use. In February, we head to Washington, D.C., for NRWA's Water Rally. This gives us the opportunity to speak to our federal representatives, reminding them of the importance of our funding. It also gives us an opportunity to share with them just how the funds are used and not wasted. This also becomes the time of year for fall/ winter cleaning. A time to put away summer clothes, pull out the winter ones, bring in the plants or cover them up, prepare the cars for the winter, pull down the storm windows to keep out the cold air. It is also the time for you, the operator, to start winterizing the water and wastewater plants. What about your emergency management plans? Have they been updated? When was the last time you looked at your short- and long-range plans? Is it time to blow the dust off the plans and see what can be checked off, revised and added? What about your much needed CPE's? Are they up to date? Check VRWA's training calendar and see when and where the next training session will be. Have you mailed in your VRWA membership dues so you will not miss any training notifications, conference information and updates? Okay, I think my rattling time is up. Let me leave you with a couple of reminders: 1. Sign up for the 27th Annual VRWA Conference and Technical Exposition. 2. Write your congressman - tell them how important our programs are to you. 3. Mail in your membership if you have not already done so. 4. Call us when you are in need of assistance - we are here for you. 9

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Streamline - Winter 2014