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FromThePresident BY PAM BAUGHMAN, VRWA PRESIDENT Performance Evaluation California defines a Performance Evaluation as "a constructive process to acknowledge the performance of a non-probationary career employee. An employee's evaluation shall be sufficiently specific to inform and guide the employee in the performance of his/her duties." ThE UNIvERSITy oF At the end of my first year as general manager, my Board of Directors completed a performance evaluation. I was both terrified and excited to see how my seven bosses felt I did throughout my first year. As many of you may know, just over a year ago, I was selected by my Board of Directors to serve my utility as the general manager. It was a position I had longed to hold for many years. When the opportunity was offered, I jumped at the chance. At the end of my first year as general manager, my Board of Directors completed a performance evaluation. I was both terrified and excited to see how my seven bosses felt I did throughout my first year. Let's just say, I was very pleased with my performance evaluation, but I know I need to continue to grow and develop. As general manager, I continue to be excited about the future of my authority. Dedication and the willingness to work toward goals, with intensity and focus, are my top priorities. Being the general manager is important to me and worthy of my continued time and efforts. Personally I receive great satisfaction when the authority completes projects, attains goals and operates in an efficient, compliant manner. Being the general manager of a small rural utility has its challenges. Staying ahead of enormous changes in the regulations and keeping operating costs low while maintaining compliance can prove to be a daunting task. Sound business practices, along with an experienced, knowledgeable staff, all blend together to meet daily challenges in the constantly changing utility industry. The combined experience of staff promotes the development of ideas, planning for the future and a team-oriented atmosphere. The experienced staff work in combination to create innovative ways of managing costs while taking pride in the services offered to the authority's customers, the citizens of our county and the safe keeping of the environment. A year ago, I put together a professional development plan in an effort to provide guidance and goals for myself during my first year as general manager. My professional development plan helped keep me focused and working not only for the betterment of my Authority, but for my professional growth and enhancement as well. My professional development plan included six categories. They are as follows: I. Introduction II. Strengths and Experience III. Goals IV. Potential Growth Areas V. Development Activities VI. Conclusion I committed to actively working toward specific goals, complete training that would help me in my duties, as well as provide a benefit to the authority. The goals were focused on development of my personal capacity in the general manager's position and the advancement of the Board of Directors' vision for the authority. The goals were modified and expanded as necessary and monthly progress reports were provided to my Board. My goals were obtained within budgeted constraints and did not conflict with the daily operational demands of the authority. Any and all accomplishments attained are the result of all authority staff members working concurrently as a team. I cannot emphasize this enough. Prior to the performance evaluation completed by my Board, I performed a self-evaluation. From that self-evaluation, I concluded that I will continue the development of new skills, and discovered a few areas I need to make some improvements. Looking back over my first year, I have greatly enjoyed the challenges provided in the general manager's position. I will continue to work diligently to complete projects, accomplish the directives of the Board and move the authority forward. As terrified as I was about my evaluation, I am grateful for the experience. I encourage everyone to self-evaluate or embrace an evaluation by your peers; you may be shocked at what you discover about yourself, good and bad. 9

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