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Wastewater Math QUESTIONS BY DONNA LAWSON, WASTEWATER TECH II 1. 4. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. A solution is 5.6% soda ash. What is the concentration in mg/L? 5.6 mg/L 56 mg/L 56,00 mg/L 56,000 mg/L 2. A water treatment plant is receiving a chlorine dose of 2.2 mg/L at a flow of 1.51 MGD. If the flow increases to 2.45 MGD, what would the corresponding chlorine dose increase be? a. 3.6 mg/L b. 4.2 mg/L c. 0.36 mg/L d. 36 mg/L The density of a liquid is 67.2 lb/ft3. What is the specific gravity? 1.00 10.8 1.08 8.05 5. Find the pounds of lime needed to neutralize a sour digester that holds 175,000 gallons and has a volatile acid concentration of 1,652 mg/L. a. 2,411 lb b. 24.11 lb c. 241.1 lb d. 2.411 lb 3. a. b. c. d. What is the circumference of a clarifier, if the radius is 9 feet? 23.4 ft 56.5 ft 63.6 ft 18 ft P.O. Box 234 · Rocky Gap, VA 24366 Phone: 276-928-1712 Fax: 276-928-1814 For All of Your Monitoring and Control Needs . . . SCADA and Telemetry Systems Control Panels for Pump Stations and Tanks Complete Custom Metal Fabrication Field Instruments and Sensors Industrial Control Panel Assembly- UL®-508A listed 24/7 Service, Support and On-Site Training Email: 578231_AMR.indd 1 w w w . v r16/03/12 r5:34 PM w a . o g 33

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Curtis Water Wins Big in D.C.
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Streamline - Spring 2014