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Work Zone Safety Awareness: V-DOT Work Zone Traffic Control Certification BY GARY GANDEE, CIRCUIT RIDER #2 EMPLOYEES BEING STRUCK by vehicles or mobile equipment lead to many work zone fatalities and injuries. A work zone activity is dangerous business. This is not the place to cut corners or cheat on safety. It's your life on the line, so know what it takes to keep you safe. In Virginia last year, there were 4,068 work zone crashes resulting in 1,857 injuries and 15 fatalities. In 2013, nationwide (the most recent available data), there were 579 work zone traffic-related fatalities, 28,630 work zone injuries, 105 worker fatalities and 186 fatal crashes involving large trucks and buses. As our highway infrastructure ages, many transportation agencies are focusing on rebuilding and improving existing roadways. This means more roadwork is being performed on roadways that are open to traffic. At the same time, traffic continues to grow and create more congestion, particularly in urban areas. To avoid major queues during peak travel periods, urban areas are seeing more night work. The combination of more work done alongside increasingly heavier traffic and greater use of night work can result in increased safety considerations for highway workers. However, there are regulations and available resources on good practices that can help workers perform their jobs safely. For more information on available resources visit http://www.ops. or prog-wzsa-default.asp. The Virginia Department of Transportation has implemented work zone traffic control training requirements to meet Federal Regulations on Work Zone Safety and Mobility as noted in 23 CFR Part 630J. The Federal Register mandates that "States shall require that personnel involved in the development, design, implementation, operation, inspection and enforcement of work zone related transportation management and traffic control be trained, appropriate to the job." Only persons completing approved work zone traffic control training courses and possessing the appropriate valid and verifiable accrediReferences: tation card will be allowed to oversee temporary traffic control activities within the Commonwealth of Virginia State Highway System right of way. If you would like help with these requirements, give me a call. I can assist your agency with Basic Work Zone Safety Training. This one day course is required for all persons with duties that include any of the following maintenance type activities: (a) Direct responsibility for placement of work zone traffic control devices; (b) Direct responsibility for field maintenance of work zone traffic control devices; (c) VDOT Maintenance Managers. t Never needs painting t Sizes to 6 Million Gallons t Ground Storage Tanks Chemical Feed * Chemicals & Polymers * Distribution/Flushing Instrumentation * Laboratory * Operations & Maintenance * Safety t Standpipes Shop over 3500 items in our Online Catalog Storage Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 862 Salem, VA | 800.572.3220 | Fax 540.444.0459 | 636423_Control.indd 1 t Composite Elevated Tanks Greg Mullins 740-895-6028 Jim Wary 740-895-6029 658420_Mid.indd 1 13-09-20 12:26 PM w w w . v r w a . o9/12/13 r g 19 6:05 AM

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