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FromTheExecutiveDirector BY MYRICA W. KEISER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR New Beginnings nEw bEginningS ARE always scary, intriguing and fun at the same time. They can be enlightened, deep, sought after, defined, encouraged and – best yet – extremely important. I am proud to announce that in the 26 years of existence, VRWA now has a woman president. Pamela “Pam” Baughman, from Louisa County Water Authority, accepted the role at the organizational meeting on April 24. Pam has, for a number of years, taken a very active part in the association, from being Secretary/ Treasurer, attending various meetings representing VRWA, to walking the halls of Congress, expressing the importance that the association keeps its funding. In the past, she has played an extremely active role on the Board of Directors, and I look forward to working closer with her as she takes on this new role. I also congratulate Tom Delbridge from the City of Emporia as he VRWA’s next adventure will be our EXPO, scheduled for Aug. 21-22, 2013, at the Augusta ExpoLand in Fishersville. takes on the role of Vice President. Being on the executive seat of the board is no stranger to Tom as he has done so in the past, serving in the roles of Vice President and President. Tom has also taken an active role in the awards, legislative and membership committees, serving as chairman. Stepping into the role of the Secretary/Treasurer – no stranger to the association – is Mike Ritchie from the Town of New Market. Mike has been involved for a number of years, starting out as a member of the conference committee to legislative committee to a seat on the board. Our new executive committee already has a unique bond between them; not only do they have the same vision in the association, but they have the love for “clay shooting.” I look forward to this new year and its new beginnings. Now I must say if you missed the 25th Annual Conference, well, then you missed it. More than 640 attendees – that included our vendors – packed the halls and rooms of the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center. We had vendors everywhere, and when I threatened to put our registration in the hall of the bathrooms to give our space to a vendor … well, Lisa pulled the stops on that one. Classrooms were packed, delicious food coming out of our ears and vendors smiling and showing off their products. Then there was “Barney,” patrolling the halls, making sure everyone was in line and where they were supposed to be. He enlightened us with his humor and his soft side. David and his wife Patty are always such a joy to have with us. VRWA’s next adventure will be our EXPO, scheduled for Aug. 21-22, 2013, at the Augusta ExpoLand in Fishersville. Mark your calendar as you will want to be there. And, as always, be sure and have the VRWA phone number on speed dial for all your needs. Happy summer! 11

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Does the End Justify the Means?
Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet!
How is Serving on a Board of an Organization like Owning a Car?
Monitoring Master Meters
2013 Conference Highlights
OilClean from EcoSolutions Naturally Separates Oil from Water
Choosing a Rate Analyst
Ergs, Joules and Other Stuff
Snug and Smug with Solar Power
Fresh Faces: Joey Fagan
Wastewater Math
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Streamline - Summer 2013