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Together we have found hundreds of water leaks, which have not only saved a valuable resource, but saved your utility money. Importance of Professional Relationships in the Water and Wastewater Industry BY KENNY REYNOLDS, VRWA TRAINING SPECIALIST WRITING THIS ARTICLE gives me the opportunity to share some thoughts of how important you, as water and wastewater professionals, helped me over the past years for continued development. Nine years ago I retired from the City of Salem Water Department and joined the Virginia Rural Water Association. I came to VRWA with 34 years of experience in water treatment. I was familiar with water treatment plant operations, but I had little experience in actual water distribution operations other than what I read in books to prepare for certification examinations. On my first day of work with VRWA, I was assigned various equipment which consisted of water line locating and leak detection equipment. I never had any experience with this equipment in all my years with Salem, but I was able to read the manuals. I actually practiced using the water line locator to find the copper water line to my house since I knew its location. One of my first experiences in using the equipment was in the town of Pennington Gap. Mark Norris and I, both VRWA Water Circuit Riders, were working to locate a water leak that caused the water treatment plant to run additional hours each day. During our investigation, Mark had to return home due to a family illness. I remained to work with the town staff. They are a great group of professionals. While surveying for possible water leaks, I heard what I thought to be a water leak. I eventually ended up on Alternate Route 58 which is the main street through Pennington Gap. I next performed a correlation to narrow down the area of the water leak. Town staff directed traffic so I could use the ground mic to listen and pinpoint the leak. For anyone new at leak detection, this is the difficult task: tell staff the exact location to dig and standby as they excavate for the leak. I worked with Tim Dye, Superintendent of Public Works, who helped me understand how their water lines ran. This knowledge is crucial in performing leak detection. I gave Tim the chance to listen to the equipment and listen to what I heard. Since this leak occurred on Alternate 58 through the middle of town, I mentioned we may want to get someone else to verify the leak location since I was new with limited experience. Tim responded that he was going to dig the leak as soon as all utilities could be located. After digging, he asked me if I had a camera. When I asked why, he replied, "It's the first water leak you located." Tim and town staff helped me gain confidence in performing water line location and leak detection. I use this example of my first experience since I can't list each one. Over these past years, so many of you were responsible for my capability to work and assist our utility. Together we have found hundreds of water leaks, which have not only saved a valuable resource, but also saved your utility money. As water and wastewater professionals, we learn from research and study, training classes and conferences, and from fellow water and wastewater professionals. 13

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Importance of Professional Relationships in the Water and Wastewater Industry
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Town of Lovettsville Wins the ‘Great Water Taste Contest’
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