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Spring Cleaning ... All Year Long BY LUCIAN LINEBERRY, CIRCUIT RIDER I of our four seasons, comes only once a year. Somewhat like holidays, seasons each have their niche. While holidays have egg hunts, trick or treating and gift giving, spring has cleaning. SPRING, LIKE EACH Spring cleaning: the phrase that either gives us incentive for productive ideas or thoughts of how to procrastinate and get out of the task. Planning is usually based on last year's results, such as actually being able to see out those sparkling windows again or the reattempt of that disastrous effort to clean the gutters. Once you convince yourself to get the projects done, it is time to schedule how those various chores can be accomplished in a safe and productive manner. Remember, this cleaning process must have positive results as it is an annual celebration. Right? What if we considered spring cleaning as a year around procedure at our facilities? Instead of cleaning once a year, clean various areas and equipment on a routine schedule. Scheduling could be assigned to personal employee areas or rotated for shift changes, responsibilities, allotted time, etc. A consistently cleaned facility creates a much more visitor friendly atmosphere, allows for a safer work environment, and serves as a sense of pride and morale booster for employees. Scheduled cleaning will also be helpful in everyday operations, tests, experiments, and other activities which involve materials and/or tools which require accuracy in the results of their use. A routine swipe on such things as meters, gauges and other visual reading instruments makes for a confident reading at recorded times, or a quick check on a walk around. Clean pumps, valves, gears and other devices which involve lubrication allow leaks to be readily identified, as opposed to delayed damage from undetected leaks. We all know anything in areas of foot traffic is an accident waiting to happen. Stumbling, head banging and tripping could be avoided by placing materials and tools back in their proper storage place after us and by putting stock items away upon their arrival. Keep cleaning materials readily available in various areas (safely and properly stored) to allow for a quick clean swipe as one passes through the area. Cleaning is part of facilities operation and duties. When everyone pitches in, cleaning is not a task that everyone dreads or puts off for later (or someone else). If keeping your workplace neat and presentable can be put on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, spring cleaning will become a year around procedure instead of that "oh no, not again" task. Remember, if something presents itself as unsafe due to materials needed or physical limitations, discuss it with your coworkers and supervisors. After all, you may need to ... call the man! 15

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Importance of Professional Relationships in the Water and Wastewater Industry
Spring Cleaning … All Year Long
Region Meetings: the Next Big Thing
Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses
Virginia Source Water
USDA Rural Development
A Successful Model for Waterworks
Professional Licensing Update: News You Can Use
NRWA Recap
Tank Team Tackles Water Distribution
VRWA 2015 Conference Highlights
Town of Lovettsville Wins the ‘Great Water Taste Contest’
Throwing My Loop: Helpers in Our Path
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