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Do you know what your VRWA Benefits are? * VRWA provides onsite technical assistance, meaning that we will come to your system and help with any problems you may be encountering with water or wastewater. * VRWA keeps you up-to-date on rules and regulations. Just what do we do? We come in the back door before the EPA, DEQ or VDH comes in the front door. We keep you prepared! * VRWA offers leak detection services. Have a small or large loss of unaccountable water? Call our circuit riders to assist you with the necessary equipment in locating those leaks. * VRWA offers smoke testing. Call our wastewater technicians to smoke out those sewer leaks. * VRWA can help locate lines/values. We supply locating equipment and can either assist or loan you the equipment. * VRWA supplies our members with a yearly membership directory. This directory is a priceless tool as it contains member information, corporate member information, our legislative guide and much more. * VRWA supplies a website. Need immediate information? Be sure to check out * VRWA offers a fleet program to our members. * VRWA offers online training for those who cannot leave their systems. * VRWA offers training around the Commonwealth. * VRWA holds an annual conference every year and now hosts an outdoor expo. Both provide you with not only a variety of topics for your certifications, but also the latest in technology. These are just a few benefits that we offer our members. The next time you are in need, pick up the phone and call us before hiring outside help. We promise you will not be disappointed. Delta Systems Environmental Flow * SCADA * SL-RAT ™ * Calibrations Specialists in equipment to monitor your environment Hach Flow Accusonic Flow Infosense SL-RAT™ Siemens Flow Meters Sales & Service Meter Calibrations t: 757 286-7182 e: 734035_Delta.indd 1 Water/Wastewater | Civil Engineering | Planning | Survey Landscape Architecture | Transportation | Environmental 734032_The.indd 1 17/02/15 7:23 PM 745520_Bowman.indd 1 Dorsett Technologies SCADA Flumes & Metering Manholes 17/02/15 6:27 PM Kenneth M. Baybutt, PE Jerry Peaks, PE, BCEE Darrell C. Rickmond, PE p. 757.229.1776 w w w . v r w a . o30/04/15 r g 555:28 AM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Streamline - Summer 2015

From the President: A Disinfection Byproducts Odyssey
From the Executive Director: It’s Over
Importance of Professional Relationships in the Water and Wastewater Industry
Spring Cleaning … All Year Long
Region Meetings: the Next Big Thing
Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses
Virginia Source Water
USDA Rural Development
A Successful Model for Waterworks
Professional Licensing Update: News You Can Use
NRWA Recap
Tank Team Tackles Water Distribution
VRWA 2015 Conference Highlights
Town of Lovettsville Wins the ‘Great Water Taste Contest’
Throwing My Loop: Helpers in Our Path
Wastewater Crossword
VRWA Booster Club
e-Learning Benefits
Membership Application
Do You Know What Your VRWA Benefits Are?
VRWA Mailbag
New Members
Board of Directors
VRWA Committees
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Streamline - Summer 2015