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VRWA Says "Until We Meet Again" IN 2005, KATRINA hit, and a number of rural water staffers headed to Louisiana to assist in any way possible. A fellow named "Kenny Reynolds" volunteered to make the trip with Rick Brown, past executive director. That was the beginning of pulling Kenny into our rural water family. In February 2006, he came to work with us after retiring from city of Salem. Their loss and our gain... I could tell story after story - memory after memory - but there would not be enough pages to do so. So I won't, but I will try to just sum up 10 years. Kenny is: * A husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend and a team player... * A man of faith * A man of passion * A man of pride * A man of caring * A man of concern * * * * * A man of love A man of dedication A man of trust A man of giving A man of willingness He is all these things and more. Kenny has been a tremendous asset to this association as he has taken his job seriously and continued to do his best even when it was not necessarily in his best interest. He gives so much and expects so little back. He wants what is best for the other person and the association. As he retires again, he leaves us with a hole in our rural water family. We know without a doubt that he will be missed not only by us but by you across the state. So we will not say good-bye, as we expect to see him around, but we will say thank you for 10 years of dedicated service and mostly for your friendship. A camel can travel hundreds of miles without stopping for water. Its body has adapted techniques for optimal water conservation. ANNOUNCING BORN TO MANAGE With conservation in mind, Master Meter developed Harmony and Allegro, the ground-breaking MDM & AMI solution for water managers. The coupling of Harmony's progressive analytics software with Allegro's robust meternetworking hardware empowers water managers by simplifying the complex tasks of water management. WATER Harmony software. Allegro hardware. Smartphone apps and customer portals. All powered by Master Meter. BECAUSE EVERYONE IS A WATER MANAGER. Powered by 1.800.765.6518 794143_Master.indd 1 www.vrw a . o10:58 r g AM21 2/6/16

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From the President: Life’s a Dance
From the Executive Director: Drum Roll Please...
VRWA’s 2016 Conference Highlights
VRWA Says “Until We Meet Again
System Efficiency and Production: Time for a Change???
Confessions of the Chronically Late
OSHA’S Recordkeeping Rule
Revenue and Reasonable Rates
When and How to Use Piping Restraints
Retaining Operators: Is it Really Just About $$?
NRWA Recap
What is WaterPAC?
Note from Myrica Keiser, Executive Director, VRWA
Throwing My Loop: The Secret to Creativity
VRWA Members Corner
eLearning Benefits
Membership Application
Benefits for VRWA Members
Mail Bag
Board of Directors
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Streamline - Summer 2016