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What is WaterPAC? BY FITZ ELDER, NRWA LOBBYIST, WASHINGTON, DC OFFICE EVERY DAY, THE Virginia Rural Water Association (VRWA) is helping rural utilities in our state provide the best water and wastewater services possible. We are constantly providing the communities we live in with invaluable technical assistance and training throughout the year. We all know how important our local water systems are to our lives. In addition to working hand-inhand with our members and other communities across our state, VRWA helps Congress understand how federal laws, regulations and programs impact our communities. As part of our effort to serve and advocate for Virginia's rural communities, we have worked with the National Rural Water Association to establish and fund, as individuals, a political action committee, WaterPAC. WaterPAC is a crucial component to the work we do to help Congress understand how vital clean, safe, affordable drinking water and wastewater services are to our rural communities. With that said, there always comes the question: What is WaterPAC? Simply put, WaterPAC accepts voluntary contributions from people in the rural water family and then uses those funds to support members of Congress that have a proven record of support for us. With the active participation of the thousands of people around the country who benefit from rural water, we can join together and help elect those who help us. All of the funding goes to help Senators and Congressmen who understand the importance of rural water. A few more recent outcomes of our efforts in Washington DC affecting your system directly have included: * Continued appropriations for the water and wastewater infrastructure programs under the USDA Rural Development and USEPA State Revolving Fund (SRF) Programs * Continued appropriations to provide the Circuit Rider, Wastewater Technician, and Source Water Protection assistance to your system * The ability to distribute your Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) electronically instead of hardcopy * The removal of fire hydrants from the no-lead brass requirements Thanks again for your support of WaterPAC and please feel free to contact Fitz Elder ( in the Washington office of the National Rural Water Association with any questions you may have regarding WaterPAC. Note: We hope that this answered the question at our recent conference as we sponsored a WaterPAC Riffle raffle that proceeds would go to WaterPAC. Branch Office: 706 Hamilton Blvd., South Boston, VA (434) 372-3393 673183_BB_Consultants.indd 1 700070_Pittsburg.indd 1 12/20/13 5:11 AM w w w . v r w a . o11/08/14 r g 45 8:13 PM

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From the President: Life’s a Dance
From the Executive Director: Drum Roll Please...
VRWA’s 2016 Conference Highlights
VRWA Says “Until We Meet Again
System Efficiency and Production: Time for a Change???
Confessions of the Chronically Late
OSHA’S Recordkeeping Rule
Revenue and Reasonable Rates
When and How to Use Piping Restraints
Retaining Operators: Is it Really Just About $$?
NRWA Recap
What is WaterPAC?
Note from Myrica Keiser, Executive Director, VRWA
Throwing My Loop: The Secret to Creativity
VRWA Members Corner
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