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FromThePresident BY PAM BAUGHMAN, VRWA PRESIDENT Life's a Dance VIRGINIA RURAL WATER Association's 28th Annual Conference and Technical Exposition came to a close in beautiful downtown Roanoke, VA on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. Besides a few electronic glitches, things ran smoothly and folks appeared to have a good time. On behalf of the Virginia Rural Water Association's conference committee, staff and Board, we thank you for your attendance at the 28th Annual Conference and Technical Exposition. The staff and Board were delighted to have the so many attendees and vendors present at the conference. I know many of you traveled long distances, and took time away from your families and jobs to attend. We all do this because of the knowledge and networking we can obtain from the training classes provided at the conference to perform our jobs at a high level. Virginia Rural Water Association strives to provide current, relevant information for everyone who attends the conference in an effort to help meet or exceed regulatory requirements. At the business meeting held on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, I told the folks in attendance a funny story about myself and wanted to share that story in this article, providing everyone not able to attend the business meeting an opportunity to discover just how goofy I can be. For those of you who know and love me, you know of my guilty indulgence - well, one of them - watching Dancing with the Stars. I love the dancing, costumes, music and the long, lean professional dancer's legs (I secretly long for legs like the professional dancers). One Monday night while watching Dancing with the Stars, I heard this buzzing sound. I looked around a couple of times, annoyed that my program was being interrupted and could not determine where the buzzing sound was coming from. All of the sudden the buzzing sound seemed to get louder and closer, when I noticed, too late, a stink bug was headed straight for my hair. Now I am not easily freaked out by bugs, but in my hair - really! That stink bug landed in my hair, and kept buzzing and wiggling. I didn't know quite what to do - if I swatted at it or tried to pick it up, would it stink in my hair? So I did the only logical thing. I jumped from my seated position and broke into my best dance moves. I did the hokey-pokey, you know - I put my whole self in - took my whole self out - I put my whole self in and I shook it all about. When that didn't work, I did the Beyoncé' hair whip move several times, until I almost passed out! Then I realized the stink bug was on the arm of the chair I had just 9

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From the President: Life’s a Dance
From the Executive Director: Drum Roll Please...
VRWA’s 2016 Conference Highlights
VRWA Says “Until We Meet Again
System Efficiency and Production: Time for a Change???
Confessions of the Chronically Late
OSHA’S Recordkeeping Rule
Revenue and Reasonable Rates
When and How to Use Piping Restraints
Retaining Operators: Is it Really Just About $$?
NRWA Recap
What is WaterPAC?
Note from Myrica Keiser, Executive Director, VRWA
Throwing My Loop: The Secret to Creativity
VRWA Members Corner
eLearning Benefits
Membership Application
Benefits for VRWA Members
Mail Bag
Board of Directors
VRWA Committees
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Streamline - Summer 2016