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Wastewater Math QUESTIONS BY DONNA LAWSON, WASTEWATER TECH II 1. Find the approximate detention time in hours for the following water system: A 10-inch distribution pipe extends from the water plant to the storage tank 2,015 feet. The storage tank maintains 1,500,000 gallons. The system has a daily use of 2.45 MGD. a. 3 hours b. 10.5 hours c. 15 hours d. 24 hours A 6-inch water line needs to be flushed for compliance. If the line is 540 ft, about how long will it take to completely flush the line at a flow of 10 gpm? a. 22 minutes b. 50 minutes c. 80 minutes d. 1 hour and 20 minutes 2. 3. Calculate the specific gravity for a ferric chloride solution that weighs 10.02 lbs/gal? a. 1.02 b. 1.20 c. 1.31 d. 1.41 A water treatment plant produces 3.2 MGD that has a chlorine dosage of 2.4 mg/L entering the distribution system. The storage tank 4 miles away is receiving a chlorine residual of 1.9 mg/L. What is the chlorine demand of the distribution system between the plant and the tank? a. 0.5 mg/L b. 0.8 mg/L c. 2.4 mg/L d. 4.3 mg/L 4. 5. A 2,000,000 gallon storage tank must be disinfected using calcium hypochlorite (65.9 % available strength). The tank has to be filled to 15% capacity and achieve an initial chlorine residual of 20 mg/L. How many pounds of calcium hypochlorite will the distribution crew need to use? a. 15 lbs b. 32.3 lbs c. 65.9 lbs d. 76 lbs Answers on page 36 • Water Resource Planning • Groundwater Exploration & Well Rehabilitation • Geophysical Investigations • Aquifer Testing & Modeling • Dam & Reservoir Design 804.358.7900 (434) 372-3393 w w w . g o l d e r. c o m 638862_BB_Consultants.indd 1 5/7/13 7:57 PM 421675_Golder.indd 1 3/5/09 8:56:04 PM 646099_Draper.indd 1 w w w . v r w a . o r g 35 AM 25/06/13 6:44

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