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FromTheExecutiveDirector BY MYRICA W. KEISER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Just Who Are Those People? sat back and asked yourself the question, “Just who are those people?” When my mother-in-law would see a stranger (looking strange) she would say, “Well, they aren’t our kind!” Not that she meant any harm or disrespect, being she was 92 years young … HAVE YOU EVER But yet, we still ask the question, “Just who are they?” Now I am talking about the VRWA field staff that travels the highways and stops along the way visiting water and wastewater systems alike. You know, the one who stopped in about the time your operator told you that the system was losing 104+ gallons of water a minute and you have no idea where it was going. Or the operator who needs to sit for his water exam and needs additional assistance on the math part. Or when you have discovered that your emergency plan is completely out of date and you have no idea who to go to or where to start. You know who we are talking about: that circuit rider may be Kenny or Tracy or the wastewater technician Frank or Donna. So just who are those people? They are the ones with the mission to assist, educate and serve those in need. Thank you Recently VRWA was awarded, through the Drinking Water Program Set-Aside General Grant, funds to purchase much-needed leak detection equipment. With the new equipment, Kenny and Tracy are able to assist more systems and it even gives them the opportunity to train the operators on the use of the equipment. Goals are to not only find the leaks, but to encourage systems to purchase their own equipment as well assisting them to stay within compliance. They are the ones who have a mission to provide assistance and training to those operators in need. Sometimes we fail to recognize that VRWA offers more services other than leak detection or smoke blowing. Sometimes I feel that we are still the best kept secret and that we have failed to spread our names out across the state. This all comes back to the question, “Just who are those people?” So now that we have recognized the problem, the question is, “How do we fix it?” How do we reach the water and wastewater systems that have a less than 10,000 population and need our assistance? How do we become that first phone number that is on speed dial when help is needed or the first name that comes to mind? Well, for a start, we use our magazine StreamLine, website, Facebook and emails, and it is through our training programs and definitely through our personal visits to your systems. Then we need to encourage you to take advantage of those avenues and use those services. We also put ourselves out front by partnering with QS/1 by offering discounts to members who take advantage of their billing software programs. There is SunCoast Learning where you can take online classes to keep your license up to date. And we also have a CEU Plan, which is a new online training source for you to take advantage of. Need a website, but funds are limited? Check out VRWA has partnered with them in order to offer discounted rates to our members who are in need of a website. Be sure and check out the VRWA website: Here you will find first-hand information, training class information, as well as a link to NRWA’s new App Store. So just who are those people? They are the ones with the mission to assist, educate and serve those in need. 9

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