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Tomorrow's Leaders: Attracting Young Professionals BY GARY GANDEE, CIRCUIT RIDER II iT iS beComing increasingly important to attract and retain young professionals. Young professionals are an integral part of the future for any organization and without them succession planning fails and threaten continuity of service. Millennials - people who are 30 years old and younger - already make up 36 percent of the U.S. workforce, and their ranks are only expected to swell. As baby boomers retire and Generation X-ers age, employers will need to hire even more millennials to fill out their staffs. As a demand for talent increases, we must become proactive in our retention efforts and offer as many intangibles as budgets and policies allow. Provide Growth Opportunities An engaging management style is vital to keeping younger employees happy. 4 facts about Millennials you may not know Check your knowledge of young professionals. Do you know: 1. They may reach for their networks before they reach for their wallets. 2. They have a short attention span, but they can dance for 36 hours straight for a cause. 3. They want to do it themselves, even if that means failing. 4. If you bore them, they'll move on to another cause that doesn't. They typically want regular feedback about how they're performing, so managers who build conversations (faceto-face or otherwise) into their daily routines will be most successful with millennials. Encourage young staff members to grow within the organization and obtain licenses and certifications. Map out career paths to keep them focused on your organization and take them with you to professional organization conferences (such as VRWA) and meetings. Use cross training to your advantage. Young professionals will likely bring a new perspective to past practices. If companies focus on their benefits and ability to provide growth, as well as keep a vastness to the job description that does not pinhole them into one repetitive and redundant task, then there is a longer life to the younger professional. Be Flexible and Family-Friendly and Promote Work Life Balance Have family-friendly policies such as paternity leave, flexible schedules, sabbaticals, job sharing, and telecommuting. Managers must follow the family-friendly policies themselves or risk implying that there's an inherent penalty for taking advantage of them. Work life balance and flexibility are vastly important to younger generations. Providing an environment supportive of these interests will go a long way in retention efforts. Be open to new ideas and integrating technology into daily work. Millennials grew up with computers and mobile phones and are used to being connected to the internet no matter where they are. They expect their always-on devices to enable them to stay actively engaged in their professional and personal lives. Work to create, or maintain, a work environment that is authentic, enjoyable and a good place to be valued. This feeds millennials' needs as tech-savvy, socially conscious and highly focused on integrating work and life. Show Appreciation and Recognition and Provide Meaningful Work Millennials as a group expect recognition of their personal lives as well as their professional lives. Feedback can play a vital role in their job performance, so be sure to offer sincere, targeted praise when warranted. The feeling of being appreciated and providing meaningful work are just as vital as salary to longterm career happiness. Take the time to understand the younger generation and put into practice strategies to attract and keep them, and develop them into the leaders they need to be. If your organization is not thinking about the next generation and how it will attract and keep future leaders, it's time to start or else you may face significant talent and business challenges down the road. You have to engage the leaders of tomorrow because they'll be the board members that will run your organization in the future. References: attracting-young-professionals-toyour-organization-part-2-landingmillennials/#.VYR1Hkaumew 25

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