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Affordable Mixers Now Available for southern Corrosion Engineered Tank Care Customers engineereD Tank Care™ customers now have access to even more benefits. The company recently became a Medora distributor, receiving significant cost savings on mixers that they're passing on to customers. As a result, purchase and installation of a Medora GridBee® mixer is one of the many benefits now available to Southern Corrosion Engineered Tank Care™ customers. "We are excited to offer GridBee® systems to our maintenance contract customers," said Southern Corrosion President Jim Skilton. "Mixing system discounts are one of the many benefits that our comprehensive Engineered Tank Care™ plans include to help our customers manage their tanks, while ensuring maximum tank life with minimum hassle." Mixers reduce water quality problems by maintaining a constant flow of water in a tank. They keep water from freezing during cold months, provide for uniform disinfectant distribution and water age, prevent short-circuiting and stagnation, and minimize temperature stratification, residual loss and bacteria growth. The consistent movement of water also reduces buildup, keeping a tank's interior cleaner. Medora Corporation is a world leader in sustainable water quality improvement, with low energy or chemical use. Medora's GridBee® products provide mixing, THM removal and disinfectant boosting solutions to solve difficult problems in potable water treatment and storage. Medora's potable products are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, including Annex G for low-lead content. Southern Corrosion, headquartered in Roanoke Rapids, specializes in Engineered Tank Care™ programs for municipal, community, and industrial water tanks and water towers. Southern Corrosion's services include water tank and water tower inspections, painting, interior washouts, general water tank repair, tank security planning, and water tower cell antenna engineering and management. The company has dedicated Mixers reduce water quality problems by maintaining a constant flow of water in a tank. crews strategically located throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast and all sales representatives live in the areas that they serve. Southern Corrosion is an active member of rural water associations in North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida. For more information, visit www. or call Lynne Skilton at 252-535-1777.         Chemical Feed * Chemicals & Polymers * Distribution/Flushing Instrumentation * Laboratory * Operations & Maintenance * Safety                       42 S T R E1 742136_RKnK.indd AMLINE * Fall 2015 Shop over 3500 items in our Online Catalog P.O. Box 862 Salem, VA | 800.572.3220 | Fax 540.444.0459 | 636423_Control.indd 1 10/04/15 7:24 pm 13-09-20 12:26 PM

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From the President: What if the Hokey Pokey Really is What it’s All About?
From the Executive Director: The Value of Membership
VRWA’s 2015 Expo Wrap Up
Membership is Free, but its Value to your Utility may be Priceless!!
How to Prepare for a Lab Audit
Tomorrow’s Leaders: Attracting Young Professionals
Amherst Source Water Protection
USDA Rural Development/Virginia
Comparative Advantage
Keeping Workers Safe During Night-Time Repairs
Affordable Mixers Now Available for Southern Corrosion Engineered Tank Care Customers
When Consolidation Makes cents
NRWA Recap
VRWA Offers New Member Benefits
Throwing My Loop: Another View
Booster Club
e-Learning Benefits
Membership Application
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Welcoming New Members
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Streamline - Fall 2015