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VRWA offers New Member Benefits BY MYRICA W KEISER, ExECUTIVE DIRECTOR that VRWA members receive discounts on their conference, expo and training registrations. Along with the discounts, they are first in line to receive current up-todate information from us. Now VRWA has joined with NRWA to participate in the "WaterPro Advantage" Affinity programs. Now being offered for your benefit and service we have (1) Data Breach Insurance, (2) ServLine - residential service line and leak adjustment program, (3) Rural Water Impact - smart websites for smart water systems. Also (4) Rural Water Loan Fund - offering low cost financing for short-term repair costs, small capital projects, or planning costs associated with larger projects, (5) Water University - an avenue to boost your career and (6) NRWA Fleet Program. iT'S a given Data Breach Insurance Bailey Special Risks, Inc. proudly offers Beazley Breach Response insurance for utilities. Without a doubt, utilities are vulnerable to data breaches from disgruntled staff or customers more so than any terrorist attack. This unique insurance provided a comprehensive service that protects utilities that have suffered a data breach with notification, loss control, credit monitoring services and more. * Coverage features include data breach notification and credit monitoring or identity monitoring services for up to 100,000 affected individuals, with separate coverage limits for third party claims * Breach response coverage includes forensic and legal assistance, notification costs, credit monitoring services for each person notified, loss prevention services and identity theft-related fraud resolution services * Crisis management sublimit for public relations and extraordinary notification expenses * Low per-incident retentions * Policy also provides a separate $1 million limit of liability for privacy, network security and media claims; enhancements are available for first party and other exposures ServLine This is a new and unique insurance program designed exclusively for water systems. This program protects your utility against financial water loss, your customers from high bills due to leaks, and will repair or replace a customer's water and sewer line in a timely fashion. ServLine's program is backed by Hanover Insurance Company. This program is offered at no cost to the utility while also providing your customers an option to have a low cost way to repair their water and/or sewer lines. The leak adjustment protection covers water loss expenses that customers are charged for a leak which occurs after the meter. Rather than the customer having to pay for the water loss due to a leak, or a utility writing the loss off, this insurance reimburses to the utility the charge for excessive water and the customer only pays their average water bill for the month. The program also offers water line and sewer line protection as well. * Designed exclusively for water systems * Protects your utility against financial water loss * Protects your customers from financial loss * Offers customized coverage at the local utility level * Only  available to your utility - NO DIRECT MARKETING TO CUSTOMERS 47

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From the President: What if the Hokey Pokey Really is What it’s All About?
From the Executive Director: The Value of Membership
VRWA’s 2015 Expo Wrap Up
Membership is Free, but its Value to your Utility may be Priceless!!
How to Prepare for a Lab Audit
Tomorrow’s Leaders: Attracting Young Professionals
Amherst Source Water Protection
USDA Rural Development/Virginia
Comparative Advantage
Keeping Workers Safe During Night-Time Repairs
Affordable Mixers Now Available for Southern Corrosion Engineered Tank Care Customers
When Consolidation Makes cents
NRWA Recap
VRWA Offers New Member Benefits
Throwing My Loop: Another View
Booster Club
e-Learning Benefits
Membership Application
Do you know what your VRWA Benefits are?
Welcoming New Members
Training Calendar
Board of Directors
VRWA Committees
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Streamline - Fall 2015