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continued from page 46 car accident that cut water services to opportunities that may inspire other more than 2,000 Lehigh Acres residents. states and WARNs to work more closely Vermont Rural Water works to to create their own success stories. prevent blue-green algae toxin conThe National Rural Water tamination: With support from the Association is the country's largest VT Department of Health, VRWA public drinking water and sanitation will assist nine transient water systems supply organization with over 30,000 that have Lake Champlain sources with members. Safe drinking water and Emergency Response Plan development/ sanitation are generally recognized as creation. The ERP is specifically targetthe most essential public health, public ing how those given systems will operwelfae, and civic necessities. ate in the event of a blue-green algae Reprint Policy: this report, including incident at or near their source. Vermont any portion, may be distributed publicly is now using a health advisory level that without permission or citation. is more stringent than EPA guidelines. Archives: past editions of this newsEPA defends itself against constituletter are available on the internet. tional criticisms of CWA jurisdiction rule: EPA in its response to comments on its final Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule rejected claims raised by industry and states that the rule runs afoul of the Constitution's Due Process provision and the 10th Amendment. This is a preview of arguments the agency is likely to raise in response to suits over the rule citing the constitutional claims. In addition to the legal challenges, EPA is also fending off attacks on the rule from Congress that include fiscal year 2016 appropriations bill riders to block the regulation. EPA claims the rule relied on over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications and considered more than 2 million comments it received on the proposed version of the rule. EPA says the rule is consistent with the Constitution. The Great Plains' Looming Water Crisis: About 30 percent of the aquifer's water has already been pumped out of 748835_TriState.indd 1 the ground. An additional 39 percent is expected to be gone in the next 50 years. Data shows high nitrate levels plague 60 Iowa cities. ASDWA Identifies States' Collaboration with WARNs: Findings from 32 states on their experiences with their respective state WARNs were released recently. In addition, a webinar that showcased five different state-WARN Water/Wastewater | Civil Engineering | Planning | Survey collaboration models was held. These Landscape Architecture | Transportation | Environmental are part of a series of examples and 745520_Bowman.indd 1 Training Calendar November 3-5, 2015 Water & Wastewater Operations School Comfort Inn Hotel, Woodstock, VA 22/05/15 2:19 PM Kenneth M. Baybutt, PE Jerry Peaks, PE, BCEE Darrell C. Rickmond, PE p. 757.229.1776 w w w . v r w a . o30/04/15 r g 55 5:28 AM

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From the President: What if the Hokey Pokey Really is What it’s All About?
From the Executive Director: The Value of Membership
VRWA’s 2015 Expo Wrap Up
Membership is Free, but its Value to your Utility may be Priceless!!
How to Prepare for a Lab Audit
Tomorrow’s Leaders: Attracting Young Professionals
Amherst Source Water Protection
USDA Rural Development/Virginia
Comparative Advantage
Keeping Workers Safe During Night-Time Repairs
Affordable Mixers Now Available for Southern Corrosion Engineered Tank Care Customers
When Consolidation Makes cents
NRWA Recap
VRWA Offers New Member Benefits
Throwing My Loop: Another View
Booster Club
e-Learning Benefits
Membership Application
Do you know what your VRWA Benefits are?
Welcoming New Members
Training Calendar
Board of Directors
VRWA Committees
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Streamline - Fall 2015