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The Senate follows the House and
declares support and funding for
USDA's rural water initiatives: The
Senate Committee on Appropriations
approved the FY2018 agriculture appropriations bill and included funding for
all the USDA rural water initiatives proposed to be eliminated in the President's
budget. We are pleased that funding has
been restored to the water and wastewater program - loans and grants were
funded at $550,383,000 ($571,190,000
last year).
Brian MacManus of the East Rio
Hondo Water Supply Corporation
testified on behalf of the Texas Rural
Water Association and the National
Rural Water Association (NRWA) before
the House of Representatives regarding
"The State of Infrastructure in Rural
America." In addition to explaining
the need for USDA rural water grants
and loans, MacManus critiques the
surface water treatment rule in the
Q&A exchange.
Trump Administration releases
its first unified regulatory agenda:

The federal government's regulatory
agenda announcement includes current
and anticipated regulatory actions. EPA's
agenda includes revisions to the lead
and copper rule, with a proposed date
of January 2018 and final rule proposed
date of July 2019. Notably absent from
the list is the perchlorate rule.
House EPA and USDA water committee passed two different policies to
deal with the controversy over community choice of pipes (PVC versus iron):
On July 17, the House Appropriations
Committee passed a bill to limit reviews
of local community choices in projects
designated under the USDA rural water
initiative. Also, the House Environment
Subcommittee passed a bill to require
governors to certify that public water
systems "consider the costs and effectiveness of relevant processes, materials,
techniques and technologies for carrying
out [DWSRF] projects."
House Committee approves NRWAsupported compromise SDWA amendments legislation: On July 13, the House
Environment Subcommittee, chaired
by Representative John Shimkus (IL),
advanced legislation that seeks to bring
greater investment in the country's aging
drinking water infrastructure as well as
facilitate compliance for our drinking
water delivery systems (the Drinking
Water System Improvement Act). The
bill authorizes $8 billion over five years
for the drinking water revolving loan
fund program. NRWA supports subcommittee passage of the bill because

it included numerous provisions favorable to small and rural communities.
To become law, the bill would still have
to pass the full committee, the House
of Representatives, the Senate and be
signed (or vetoed) by the president.
Privatizing your drinking water
utility: "A decision confronting many
small and midsize cities with shrinking
populations and chronic budget deficits:
whether to sell the public water system
to a for-profit corporation. The prospect
of offloading these headaches to forprofit water companies - and fattening
city budgets in the process - is enticing
to elected officials who worry that rate
hikes could cost them their jobs...But
privatization will not magically relieve
Americans of the financial burden of
upgrading their water infrastructure.
Water customers still foot the bill. And
although there is no reliable data to
compare the service or safety records of
public and private utilities, studies show
that in most cases, the tab rises when forprofit companies are involved...Even as
more cities consider selling their water
infrastructure, others are trying to wrest
control of their systems back from private operators, usually because of complaints about poor service or rate hikes.
Since private owners are rarely willing
to surrender these lucrative investments,
cities usually end up pursuing eminent
domain in court. That means proving
that city ownership is in the public's
interest and then paying a price determined by the court."


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VRWA Said “Goodbye” to Board Member and Friend Roy Markham
Basic Management Skills
Lessons from Louisiana
Planning for the Future
The 2017 Virginia Water Resources Progress Report
The Benefits of Pipe Marking for Water and Wastewater Facilities
Water and Environmental Programs
Recipe for Sustainably Managing Utilities
When and How to Use Piping Restraints
NRWA Recap
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