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Staying On Schedule Keeping to a building schedule is difficult because contractors often don't realize something is wrong until it's too late. By MichAeL Fickes When the Dashboard sees an event that typically foreshadows the emergence of a certain kind of schedule busting problem, it alerts the operations manager, who can fix it now, before it becomes a problem. 10 Editor's note: Dallas- based Beck Group was the winner of the Innovation in Technology Award presented by the Washington Business Journal at AGC of DC's Innovation in Technology Summit held last November. For information on this year's summit see page 13. How are your projects coming? Are they all on schedule? How do you know? Are you sure you won't get a call tomorrow about how a cataclysmic problem has suddenly stopped work on your biggest project? "If you're a director of operations with 30 different projects under management, it is literally impossible to know what is happening on every job," says Brian Monwai, research and development manager with the Dallas-based The Beck Group. If you could somehow see into the inner workings of a job and spot a developing problem, you could fix it before it caused any trouble. The Beck Group has built a tool that enables the company to do just that. With the goal of revolutionizing the building industry, The Beck Group has combined architectural and construction management services in one company, specializing in seven building categories: higher education, government, corporate, retail, life sciences, museum and medical. To improve its multi-category project management capabilities, the firm has developed what it calls a Scheduling Dashboard. The Dashboard monitors and tracks the health of the schedule for every active building project in the company's portfolio. The Dashboard is a web application. A project team uploads the schedule into the application as the project begins. Every time the schedule is updated, it is uploaded again into the Dashboard. "It isn't married to one scheduling software," says James Norris, director of centralized scheduling with The Beck Group. "It works with virtually every scheduling software. We did that because we have a good process of tracking job WAShinGTOn COnTrACTOr | The OffiCiAl PubliCATiOn Of AGC Of meTrOPOliTAn WAShinGTOn DC

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