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about the aGC of DC Innovation in technology Summit The AGC of DC Innovation in Technology Summit is the DC area's only forum dedicated to the AEC Industry and focusing on innovation in Technology at every level. The summit covers areas of interest for Owners, Designers, Engineers, General Contractors and Subcontractors as well as your workforce. There are 18 different educational tracks providing the latest information on Collaboration, Your Mobile Workforce and Behind the Scenes. 18 exhibitors highlight products and solutions as varied as: * payment and invoice processing through ARCH payments * take-off and estimating * pre-qualification, bid management, submittals, payment, and LEED® management * file based storage * online database solutions * 3D printing * Contract documents * enterprise software solutions for BIM content management * secure file sharing * laser scanners * esponsive website and company or solution based app development r * workforce monitoring and data analysis * mobile solutions for capturing 3D data * mobile based safety collaboration * autodesk training and support * wireless devices and solutions * webcam content * construction site WiFi data networks The history of construction goes back centuries, from the building of the pyramids and the great Wall of China and back to the time of the Caveman. And just think what life was like before BIM. For a very long time we used much of the same methods to design and construct our buildings and manage our processes. Today, technology is evolving on a daily basis and we as an industry are attempting to keep up with the latest innovations in technology that will help us to design and build our projects with the greatest amount of efficiencies, to help us comply with owner and regulatory requirements and to improve the operations and profitability of our own organizations. Technology can certainly help us, but what is the best, the latest, the most cost effective. We explore all of this and some of the country's leading companies share with you how they have used technology to solve problems, save time and money and deal with our shrinking financial and manpower resources. AGC will be sharing the findings of this conference online and through social media outlets so don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and on the AGC connected community on our website. www.agcofdc.org | Summer 2015 13 http://www.agcofdc.org

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President’s Message
Fresh Start
Staying on Schedule
Innovation in Technology Summit
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Washington Contractor - Summer 2015

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