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fresh Start Mayor Muriel e. Bowser and the D.C. Council hope to move D.C. past the Marion Barry era and the scandal-ridden era of Mayor Gray. By MIChael fICkeS Washington D.C.'s new Mayor, Muriel E. Bowser, says she is aiming at a "fresh start" for the city. While that may sound trite, observers say that she means that she will continue existing policies but free them of the shadow of Marion Barry and the corruption of the Gray era. The new mayor faces difficult challenges, including a budge deficit of hundreds of millions of dollars, decisions about the troubled streetcar plan, St. Elizabeth's, continuing to attract retailers to the city, the New Communities housing initiative, rising housing costs and many more. Estimates put the budget deficit at $250 million. So far this year, revenues have risen $37 million, which is helping. In addition, the Washington Post reports that revenues appear to be up by $7 million for FY 2017. The additional funds will make only a small dent in the deficit problem. 8 Perhaps contributing to the deficit, the District's $200 million streetcar system proved to have no fatal flaws, in a report issued by a committee from the American Public Transportation Association. That verdict led Leif Dormsjo, the head of the city's Department of Transportation, to vow publicly to solve the problems and get the system open. "The mayor wants to get it right, so she's asked me to put together the work plan to launch the streetcar," Dormsjo told the Washington Post back in March. "We're committed to getting it open." What about Construction opportunities Of more interest to contractors are the city's real estate initiatives. Currently, new office buildings and apartment towers are rising downtown, along U Street, in WAShinGTOn COnTrACTOr | The OffiCiAl PubliCATiOn Of AGC Of meTrOPOliTAn WAShinGTOn DC NoMa and in the neighborhoods around the National's stadium. In March, the Mayor signed her administration's first Land Disposition Agreement for a two-acre parcel of the Hill East District Development. The Hill East District Development sits on 67 acres between the eastern edge of the Capitol Hill neighborhood and the western shore of the Anacostia River. Donatelli Development and Blue Sky Construction have formed a joint venture to develop the parcel. The mixeduse project will include 354 housing units, 106 of them, affordable, as much as 40,000 sq. ft. of retail and more than 200 parking spaces. A village square will go in next to the Metro. The project has been in the works since the development of a master plan in 2002. Mayor Adrian Fenty tried to get the project

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