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Of more interest to contractors are the city's real started in 2008 but was foiled by the Great Recession. The effort revived in 2012 and Donatelli and Blue Skye won the development rights in 2013. Now it appears that the project is finally going to come to fruition. Still to come are District plans for redeveloping the east campus of St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Originally conceived as a D.C. technology campus, the concept has foundered. Thanks to the move by the rising millennial generation back to the big cities, Washington, D.C.'s decade-long effort to attract retailers to the city has turned into what the Washington Post calls a "boom in restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gyms, big box stores and just about every other kind of retailer." Observers say that boom is likely to continue for several years. In the affordable housing area, the New Communities initiative aims to raze blighted housing and constructing a mix of affordable and market rate apartment buildings along with retail offerings. New Communities include Northwest One, Park Morton, Barry Farm and Lincoln Heights. Like St. Elizabeth's, New Communities has failed to move forward in recent years. Part of the problem is the controversial idea of displacing families sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently. The Washington Post says pushing the project forward will require mayoral backbone. There are many more commercial development opportunities in Washington, D.C. City officials have been considering redeveloping the real estate at Reeves Center, improving the facilities at the University of the District of Columbia, adding a floor or floors to the top of the Martin Luther King Library while renovating the facility. 728127_Grunley.indd March saw the emergence of specific plans. The Mayor announced that the City was seeking private development partners for six parcels located in Southwest, Anacostia and Northwest. At the end of March, Mayor Bowser sent out a call to area real estate executives and small business owners to pitch in and help develop a host of city-owned properties. The initiative aims to increase the stock of affordable housing. More opportunities are doubtless on the way. Stay tuned. estate initiatives. Currently, new office buildings and apartment towers are rising downtown, along U Street, in NoMa and in the neighborhoods around the National's stadium. Building Green Spaces for the Urban Landscape 1 722171_Hayward.indd 1 1/5/15 2:57 PM www.agcofdc.org | Summer29/12/14 9 PM 2015 8:16 http://www.grunley.com http://www.haywardbaker.com http://www.agcofdc.org

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