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Page 4 November 2009 w w w. n e w p o r t . c o m Vortex™ II Series Precision Single Mode Finely-Tuned Lasers «The Vortex II laser is a truly innovative design and the result is a laser that offers exceptional stability,» said Michael Radunsky, Product Line Manager for New Focus products. «Atomic spectroscopy is hugely demanding and requires the utmost precision in all components; we’re confident that the Vortex II laser more than meets those requirements. The Vortex II laser line is the product of several generations of ECDL technology experience, including space qualification, numerous design awards and patented technologies.» «We believe the exceptional performance of the Vortex II laser will have significant impact on the market and applications in atomic spectroscopy.» Ideal for applications in atomic spectroscopy. Vortex ™ II Precision Laser is the latest addition to the New Focus™ portfolio of high performance, finely tuned lasers. The Vortex II laser offers industry leading stability due to innovative patent pending magnetic damping and StarFlex motion actuation. The low susceptibility to vibrations, frequency stability, and narrow linewidth of the Vortex II laser are specifically enhanced to meet the demanding needs of the atomic spectroscopy and laser locking communities. The laser demonstrates reduced mechanical susceptibility, making it more stable without feedback. L A S E R S WEB See our website for more info. Please click here. TA-7600 Series Tapered Amplifiers Fiber-coupling input ensures fast, easy, and reliable alignment. Simply make a secure connection with your FC/APC fiber and that's it - no tweaking. Active input power monitoring insures that self lasing won't damage the tapered amplifier chip. A power lock loop monitors and levels the output power to provide quiet, low-drift output all day long even when your laboratory environment changes. A simple USB driven GUI provides all the control you need. When seeded with a low-ASE source such as the Vortex™ II or Velocity® lasers the TA-7600 faithfully reproduces the narrow linewidth and high contrast ratio. The TA-7600 will also accept other seed sources, including many home-made ECDLs. The New Focus ™ TA-7600 series of Tapered Amplifiers are designed to provide up to 1 W of amplified power at a variety of infrared wavelengths. The TA-7600 will faithfully amplify tunable singlefrequency light produced by External Cavity Diode Lasers as well as other light sources of appropriate wavelength. WEB F I B E R D E V I C E S See our website for more info. Please click here. SCG-800-CARS Supercontinuum Generation Fiber Device NEW Introducing the Newport SCG-800-CARS for CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering) experiments! CARS Optimized Supercontinuum Generation Fiber Device for Femtosecond 800 nm Pulses. With the use of the supercontinuum generation fiber devices, you eliminate the need for more-complex laser systems like cavity dumped oscillators or two synchronized oscillators. Pump the SCG-800-CARS with an 800 nm range femtosecond laser and it generates a dual peak spectrum optimized for CARS applications - without the hassle of fiber cleaving and handling. The two closely spaced zero-dispersion wave-lengths of the SCG-800-CARS enables stable, low-noise supercontinuum generation and allows for control of the spectral shape by tuning the pump wavelength. The sturdy metal barrel package contains a 12 cm long PCF, with fiber ends sealed and mounted in quartz ferrules. The housing is 25 mm in diameter, 120 mm in length, which can be easily mounted onto a Newport translation stage. The device also has a beam expansion geometry at the end facets, facilitating easy coupling of the laser input beam and a higher damage threshold. WEB See our website for more info. Please click here. Family of Brands — Corion® • New Focus™ • Oriel® Instruments • Richardson Gratings™ • Spectra-Physics®

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- Newport Corporation Starts Direct Selling of New Focus Products in Europe
- Mai Tai® SP Short Pulse One Box Amplifier Seeder
- Spitfire® Pro XP 7 W Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Amplifier
- TLB-7000 StableWave™ Tunable Lasers
- TA-7600 Series Tapered Amplifiers
- SCG-800-CARS Supercontinuum Generation Fiber Device
- Newport 3700 High-Power Temperature Controller
- Newport High-Power Laser Diode Control Kits
- Do You Need to Modulate Your Beam?
- High-Damage-Threshold Phase Modulators (KTP)
- New Focus Amplitude Modulators
- New Focus 981x Stability™ Top and Center Mounts
- New Focus Flipper™ 1” and 2” Optical Mounts
- Open Cage System
- Newport Broadband Metallic Mirrors
- Ultra-Broadband Dielectric Mirrors
- Ultrafast Laser Super-Broadband Turning Mirrors
- New Focus UV Excimer Mirrors
- New Focus Nd:YAG Mirrors
- S-2000-TC Stabilizer™ Isolators
- LABasix™ SA2 Series Aluminum Breadboards
- Picomotor™ Actuators
- iPico™ New Focus Intelligent Picomotor Modules
- New Focus Kinematic Stages
- Motorized Kinematic Stages
- New Focus GuideStar™ Beam Stabilization
- UMR-TRA XY Compact Motorized XY Stage
- URB100CC High-Speed Precision Rotation Stage
- HXP100-MECA Newport Hexapod
- Motion Control Capability Brochure
- 818P-500-55 500 W Fan-Cooled Thermopile Detector
- 818P-3KW-060 Water-Cooled Thermopile Detector
- 818P-001-12NIR Thermopile Sensor, 1 μW–1 Watt
- LBP-HR High Resolution CCD Laser Beam Profiler
- 80 MHz Balanced Photoreceivers
- Nirvana™ 125 kHz Auto-Balanced Photoreceivers
- LED Scribing The Illumination Revolution
- Oriel® IQE-200™ Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
- PVIV-TC-VAC Temperature Controlled Vacuum Chuck KitMémentos - LMD
- Workstation for Laser Direct-Write Processing
- Photoresponse Mapping of Photovoltaic Cells
- Raman Microspectrometer
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #31 - November 2009