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8 March 2012 NSTRUCT™ Software Solution for Newport Instruments Simplified Control, Faster Integration. Win an A mazon gif t card ! NSTRUCT Features & Benefits NSTRUCT is an innovative software solution for laboratory environments. NSTRUCT's user friendly tools empower quick instrument connectivity. It's friendliness with LabVIEW, Python and C# enables much easier programming and faster integration of experiments. Intuitive graphical user interface of NSTRUCT helps user to achieve simplified control of their hardware. NSTRUCT comes with LabVIEW source code, Python script samples, ready to use applets and much more. USers enjoy more positive experience of their experiments, by saving time and efforts. Connectivity within minutes – Ready to use programs, included drivers Faster integration of experiments – Straight forward, feature-rich experience Empowers LabVIEW, C#, Python users – Source code, drivers, manuals in one place Do-It-Yourself videos, sample code – Create your own programs, applets Hassle free robust control – Empowers the researcher M O T I O N WEB Download at no cost at The platform is getting fast traction across many labs world wide, and many customers have been enthusiastic about advantages offered and time saved by using NSTRUCT. «One of the best ways NSTRUCT helped me was its compatibility with LabVIEW. NSTRUCT was straight forward and I was able to run my application very conveniently, which saved me a lot of time. Another feature about NSTRUCT that helps me a lot is the communication it has with the user. For example, when you plug a new instrument in, a bubble pops up and gets you going. It's nice to see the progress every step of the way» Jullianne Carlson, B.S. Material Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University. Simplified Control, Faster Integration NSTRUCT™ Software solution for Newport Instruments  Win an Amazon Gift Card! Are you using Newport Instruments with your NSTRUCT applets? Now through June 30th, 2012: Email your applet to  and you could win a  © 2012 Newport Corporation. MI-021218-EN

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Newport Motion Advancing Ultrafast Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Thin Film Metrology
Seismic Measurement Advanced with Newport
- Millennia® Edge™ Single Frequency CW Lasers
- TOPAS Prime Automated OPA
- Velocity™Widely Tunable Lasers
- HXP50 Hexapod 6-Axis-Parallel Kinematic Positioning System
- NSTRUCT™ Software Solution for Newport Instruments
- High Energy Fused Silica Lenses
- 1830-R Optical Power Meter
- Wand Style UV/Si Calibrated Photodetectors
- MS-257™ 1/4 m Monochromators
- Sol-UV™ Series UV Solar Simulators
Literature Request & Events & Application Notes

Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #35 - March 2012