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Individually, each company has a str Together we extend the spectrum Individually, each company has a history of leadership. Together as Newport’s family of brands, we provide an unsurpassed level of expertise and technology integration to deliver the products and services used by research, development and industrial manufacturing to help shape the future of the world in which we live. Photonics Research Solutions 43 years Newport was founded in 1969 to meet the specific needs of an emerging new laser industry and soon became the leader in vibration control solutions. As the photonics industry developed, Newport continued to advance its product portfolio, offering opto-mechanical components, optics, photonics instrumentation and precision motion control. Today, Newport Corporation has grown to include a family of the industry’s well respected brands working together towards one goal – to satisfy the needs of the photonics community. Photonic Test and Measurement 26 years Founded in 1986, ILX Lightwave introduced the industry’s first precision laser diode current source. The company quickly became a market and technology leader providing high performance test and measurement solutions for laser diodes and other photonic components. Today, ILX Lightwave products include laser diode current sources, thermoelectric temperature controllers, laser diode controllers, laser diode mounting fixtures, optical power and wavelength meters, precision fiber optic sources, and laser diode burn-in and reliability test systems. Simply Better™ Photonics 22 years New Focus was established 22 years ago with the mission to provide “Simply Better Photonic Tools™” and became known for a wide range of innovative photonics products. Today, New Focus is still a leader in developing, manufacturing and delivering superior, high-performance opto-electronics including high-speed detectors and modulators, high-resolution mechanical actuators and widely tunable diode lasers.

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Cover & Contents
LDX-3232 High Compliance Laser Diode Driver
LDM-4872Quantum Cascade Laser Mount
LDT-5900C SeriesPrecision Temperature Controllers
LDX-3620BUltra Low Noise Current Source
Vortex™ Plus 6800 Precision Tunable Lasers
GuideStar ™ IILaser Beam Steering Correction System
8821Clear Edge Picomotor Mount
XPS-GCODEXPS Optimized G-Code Conversion Software
Innovative Metrology Setup for Controlling Vibrations of Rotating Machinery Parts
Newport’s Photon Tamers at Work: GTS High Precision Linear Stage Scans Ultrafast THz Pulse
ERS SeriesOptical Table Earthquake Restraints
M-TDM-LFully-Adjustable Tablet Computer Mount System
FR-CV-75Compact ND Filter Rotator
BSDMultifunction Periscope Beam Steerers
818-ST2Wand Style UV/Si Calibrated Photodiode Sensors
819C/819D Series Integrating Sphere Line Extension
Millennia ® eV™ High Power CW DPSS Lasers
What’s in the Box?
Spitfire® Ace™ Power Amplifier
Inspire ™ IRAutomated Ultrafast OPO
alphaScan ™ Integrated Laser-OPO
Newport Family of Brands The World's Premier Source of Photonics Technology

Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #36 - June 2012