Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #36 - June 2012 - (Page 3) June 2012 3 LDT-5900C Series Precision Temperature Controllers Ideal for laser diode and component test. Key Features 32 W and 60 W temperature control with <±0.003 °C temperature stability Compatible with thermistor, RTD and IC temperature sensors Fully programmable PID control loop with preset values and auto-tune Independent heating and cooling current limits NEW USB and GPIB computer interfaces LabVIEW® instrument driver Newport’s ILX Lightwave LDT-5910C and LDT-5940C Thermoelectric Temperature Controllers combine precision temperature control with an intuitive instrument front panel for fast, accurate temperature control of laser diodes and other optoelectronic components. The LDT-5910C and LDT-5940C easily control the temperature of your laser diode in one of three modes: (1) Constant Temperature, (2) Constant Sensor or (3) Constant Current. Temperature stability of <+0.003 °C ensures device performance and highly reliable test measurements. With <+0.003 °C stability, the controllers are ideal for R&D applications, eliminating mode hopping and significantly reducing noise due to temperature fluctuations. The LDT-5910C and LDT-5940C include IEEE 488.1 GPIB and USB 2.0 computer interfaces for easy integration into any R&D or manufacturing application. L A S E R D I O D E C O N T R O L & M O U N T S WEB See our website for more info. LDX-3620B Ultra Low Noise Current Source Industry leading noise performance for spectroscopic applications. Key Features Battery operated dual range 200 mA/500 mA current source <100 nA rms noise in battery mode Better than 10 ppm stability over one hour Constant current and constant power operating modes NEW Laser diode protection and error detection circuits protect laser diodes in all operating modes Long life batteries allow operation up to 16 hours without charging Newport’s ILX Lightwave LDX-3620B is a battery-powered, ultra low noise current source, optimized for narrow linewidth or stable wavelength laser diode applications. This all new instrument provides a precision current output with <100 nA rms noise and <10 ppm stability. The current source can be operated in one of two output ranges in constant current or constant power operating modes. Two AC or DC coupled modulation inputs, fine and coarse, control the current source for precision laser diode wavelength or linewidth tuning with a bandwidth up to 1 MHz. All of ILX Lightwave's proven laser diode protection features are designed into each model, which include adjustable current Battery charge mode with front panel charge level indicator limits, a floating output, shorting relays, slow turn-on circuits, and transient protection during power up and laser operation. Error indicators help resolve set up problems quickly such as open circuit and power limits. WEB See our website for more info.

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LDX-3232 High Compliance Laser Diode Driver
LDM-4872Quantum Cascade Laser Mount
LDT-5900C SeriesPrecision Temperature Controllers
LDX-3620BUltra Low Noise Current Source
Vortex™ Plus 6800 Precision Tunable Lasers
GuideStar ™ IILaser Beam Steering Correction System
8821Clear Edge Picomotor Mount
XPS-GCODEXPS Optimized G-Code Conversion Software
Innovative Metrology Setup for Controlling Vibrations of Rotating Machinery Parts
Newport’s Photon Tamers at Work: GTS High Precision Linear Stage Scans Ultrafast THz Pulse
ERS SeriesOptical Table Earthquake Restraints
M-TDM-LFully-Adjustable Tablet Computer Mount System
FR-CV-75Compact ND Filter Rotator
BSDMultifunction Periscope Beam Steerers
818-ST2Wand Style UV/Si Calibrated Photodiode Sensors
819C/819D Series Integrating Sphere Line Extension
Millennia ® eV™ High Power CW DPSS Lasers
What’s in the Box?
Spitfire® Ace™ Power Amplifier
Inspire ™ IRAutomated Ultrafast OPO
alphaScan ™ Integrated Laser-OPO
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #36 - June 2012