Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #36 - June 2012 - (Page 5) June 2012 5 8821 Clear Edge Picomotor Mount Offers precision and stability with the greater beam access of a clear edge mirror mount. New Focus™ has introduced the Clear Edge Picomotor Mount 8821. The new mirror mount features two Picomotor actuators for added precision and stability, with a clear edge mirror mount for greater beam access in a single, compact, and costeffective package. Sapphire seats and optimized springs deliver smooth, reliable operation while maintaining a high level of thermal and mechanical stability. The kinematic 8821 mount accommodates 1-inch (25.4 mm) optics ranging in thickness from 6 mm to 10 mm. The new mount’s Picomotor features integrated knobs for quick, manual adjustment of all axes. It is fully compatible with New Focus’ 8702 Picomotor Drive Module and the iPico™ Series as well as the company’s recently-introduced GuideStar™ II Laser Beam Steering Correction System. For added convenience, a lefthanded mirror mount 8821L is also available, both in black anodized aluminum. WEB See our website for more info. XPS-GCODE XPS Optimized G-Code Conversion Software Key Features Read, convert and edit G-code and execute in the XPS controller Optimized conversion process utilizes advanced features of XPS 3D display with real-time active tool indicator Multiple Digital and Analog I/O for real-time process control Simple and intuitive interface M O T I O N C O N T R O L Newport has released XPS-GCODE, a software that enables your XPS Universal Motion Controller to become a powerful laser machining center that can read and convert G-codes, display the tool path and execute trajectory routines with the power and precision of Newport Motion Control. The conversion process utilizes the advanced features of the XPS to generate smooth motion routines along optimized trajectories with controlled velocity. The laser is activated and additional control is available via Digital and Analog I/Os of the XPS. In addition to laser machining, XPS-GCODE is capable of handling a wide array of high precision machining processes. G-Codes are converted to native (TCL and PVT) format of the XPS, stored locally and are easily accessed via the user GUI. File conversion and transfer to the XPS for execution is all automated with several different execution options. The part to be fabricated can be viewed in the 3D display window and can be manipulated (rotate, pan, zoom) for close inspection. Download the software to run it in simulation mode or purchase the software to access the execution features (license key required). Newport also offer an extensive collection of stages suitable for addressing a wide array of applications for high-precision industrial and advanced laser write, or prototype fabrication. For additional information on running XPS-GCODE, please refer to the XPS-CGODE User Guide. WEB See our website for more info.*&x2=sku&q2=XPS-GCODE*&x2=sku&q2=XPS-GCODE

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LDX-3232 High Compliance Laser Diode Driver
LDM-4872Quantum Cascade Laser Mount
LDT-5900C SeriesPrecision Temperature Controllers
LDX-3620BUltra Low Noise Current Source
Vortex™ Plus 6800 Precision Tunable Lasers
GuideStar ™ IILaser Beam Steering Correction System
8821Clear Edge Picomotor Mount
XPS-GCODEXPS Optimized G-Code Conversion Software
Innovative Metrology Setup for Controlling Vibrations of Rotating Machinery Parts
Newport’s Photon Tamers at Work: GTS High Precision Linear Stage Scans Ultrafast THz Pulse
ERS SeriesOptical Table Earthquake Restraints
M-TDM-LFully-Adjustable Tablet Computer Mount System
FR-CV-75Compact ND Filter Rotator
BSDMultifunction Periscope Beam Steerers
818-ST2Wand Style UV/Si Calibrated Photodiode Sensors
819C/819D Series Integrating Sphere Line Extension
Millennia ® eV™ High Power CW DPSS Lasers
What’s in the Box?
Spitfire® Ace™ Power Amplifier
Inspire ™ IRAutomated Ultrafast OPO
alphaScan ™ Integrated Laser-OPO
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #36 - June 2012