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6 June 2012 Innovative Metrology Setup for Controlling Vibrations of Rotating Machinery Parts Newport Hexapod Motion Device Provides More Accuracy for determining the in-plane and the outof-plane vibrations and deflections of rotating objects. is located at the center of a hollow-shafted torque motor. The speed of the motor is controlled by a cascade control implemented in Matlab xPC Target such that the rotational speed of the derotator and the object amount to a ratio of 2:1. Figure 1 shows the optical principle of the derotator. Rotating Object, 2ω Reflector, ω Image Plane A P P L I C A T I O N A team of scientists at the Universitat Hannover in Germany developed a method for determining the in-plane and the outof-plane vibrations and deflections of rotating objects. The system consists of an opto-mechanical image derotator, which is combined with a high speed camera and a scanning LaserDoppler-Vibrometer (LDV). The image derotator is used to measure deflection and vibration in a coordinate system fixed to the rotating object. Newport saw an opportunity to add value to this system in enabling the systems with 6-axis motion control capability and high precision positioning. Hence the derotator was combined the Newport’s HXP1000 hexapod. The combined solution is an interesting metrology setup for controlling rotating machinery parts such as roller bearings or turbine engines in different industrial applications. Newport’s HXP1000 6-axis Hexapod is a parallel kinematic motion device that provides six degrees of freedom. In addition, the HXP1000 enables more than five times higher rigidity and twice the load capacity of comparable products on the market. Competitively priced and easy to use, the HXP1000 is able to utilize the potential of the new derotator and effect heightened and more accurate measuring capacities. Its high stiffness feature can provide a high accuracy in precision positioning of the derotator. Working Principle of the Derotator The main component of the derotator is a metallic reflector prism. As the prism is rotated, the image passing through will rotate at twice the angular rate of the prism (figure 1). The prism is used to eliminate the optical path through the glass. To receive an optimal derotated image, the optical axis of the prism, the rotary axes of its drive and the object must be identical and also the prism must rotate with half of the rotational frequency of the rotating object. The reflector prism Reflector-Prism, ω Reflector Objective Lens Image Plane Rotating Object Metallic Reflector Prism p Figure 1: Configuration of a prismatic reflector. As Hans Dabeesing of Newport explains: «Rotating machinery parts are present in a large number of industrial applications. Using the derotator, which has been rigorously tested and developed by the researchers in Hannover, allows us to devise a unique metrology solution that combines the opto-mechanical image derotator, high speed camera and scanning Laser-DopplerVibrometer (LDV) and the Newport HPX1000 hexapod.» The new HXP1000 offers high load capacity and high stiffness, in addition to a compact design that still provides 6 axis of positioning and is the latest offering from the Newport portfolio of high precision machinery. «We are continuously supporting new product development, with Newport supplying numerous solutions for various research purposes,» continues Mr Dabeesing. «We are confident that the new HXP1000 will improve industry practice in the accurate measurement of machinery components.»

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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #36 - June 2012