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8 June 2012 ERS Series Optical Table Earthquake Restraints O P T I C A L T A B L E S Key Features 2009 International Building Code (IBC) and 2010 California Building Code (CBC) Does not affect optical table performance Set of four earthquake restraints can withstand 3636 kg Available in several standard heights: 406, 495, 559, 597 or 711 mm; custom heights and configurations available Newport has introduced an Earthquake Restraint System, Model ERS2010, designed to restrict the motion of pneumatically-isolated optical table tops during seismic activity. A minimum of three restraints is required to prevent possible tipping of a table during or after an earthquake and, once installed, the system does not affect optical table performance. Each restraint is rated for seismic forces generated by a maximum of 907 kg of combined table and payload weight. A set of four restraints can withstand a maximum of 3632 kg. Available in several standard heights, including 406, 495, 559, 597 or 711 mm; custom heights and configurations are also available. Each ERS2010 earthquake restraint is designed to be secured into a concrete floor at least 6-in. thick using eight Hilti anchor bolts. Seismic loads are distributed into the optical table bottom skin by eight socket head cap screws. The necessary hardware (not included with the restraints) is also available from Newport and can be ordered separately. WEB See our website for more info. M E C H A N I C A L A C C E S S O R I E S M-TDM-L Fully-Adjustable Tablet Computer Mount System The tray design is spring-loaded, allowing safe and secure holding while permitting access to the tablet computers’ charging, audio, and camera features. The M6 threaded mount easily installs to any optical table or breadboard and the balland-socket arm permits positioning in any orientation, portrait or landscape. Newport has introduced the fully-adjustable tablet computer mount system for iPads, TouchPads, Android tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab, and more. The new M-TDM-L is ideal for mounting tablet computers measuring from 216 to 272 mm (height), less than 196 mm (width), and under 14 mm (thickness). Highly versatile, the new mount will also hold tablet computers with protective case covers. While mounted, the tablet can be charged and/or synced; it can also be used for recording video, taking photos, or for remote observation via Skype or FaceTime WEB See our website for more info.

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Newport’s Photon Tamers at Work: GTS High Precision Linear Stage Scans Ultrafast THz Pulse
ERS SeriesOptical Table Earthquake Restraints
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #36 - June 2012