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 We're used to removing and/or working around door handles, mirrors, molding, etc. But this entire vehicle was a workaround.  - CassandraPate, CarWrapCity Preparing for Battle THE CLIENT PRODUCTION The Hub Sports Bar Taking the terrain of the vehicle into consideration, Summers designed a brushed metal, steel plating pattern that would work even if every line didn't match up perfectly, giving the installation team some flexibility. After printing the job on the shop's Mutoh ValueJet 1628X, it was time for the installers to go to war. "[It] had doors with three different surface levels, deep recessed areas, sharp angles, and reinforced and bent metal to work with," says Car Wrap City's Cassandra Pate. "On top of all that, it had random empty spots between the doors and fender and on the tailgate." Pulling out everything in their arsenal, the team fought each obstacle with a well-chosen weapon: isopropyl alcohol for deep cleaning, a propane torch to help stretch the film, edge-sealing tape for the corners and edges, and a heat gun for post-heating. THE PLAYERS Car Wrap City BIG PICTURE April 2016 TOOLS & SUPPLIES 44 Mutoh ValueJet 1628X printer, Avery Dennison 1005 EZRS film, Avery Dennison DOL 1060 laminate, isopropyl alcohol, Avery Dennison application glove, 3M and Avery Dennison squeegees, Avery Dennison FleXtreme micro-squeegee tucking tools, propane torch, 3M edge-sealing tape, Steinel HL heat gun THE JOB The owner of The Hub Sports Bar in Addison, Texas, came to vehicle wrapper Car Wrap City ( with a sketch, a handful of sponsor logos, and a 1999 Hummer H1 to be wrapped to promote the bar. But when Car Wrap City's designer, Tyson Summers, saw the hodge-podge of tricky angles and changing surfaces on the Hummer, he convinced the client to trust him with the design as well as the installation.

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Big Picture - April 2016
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Big Picture - April 2016